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Trying to Be More Creative? Learn How to Draw a Mandala or a Frida Kahlo-Inspired Portrait (VIDEOS)

These two art classes are inspiring and meditative


Creative projects add beauty and peace to our lives. Even if you don’t consider yourself much of an artist, taking the time to draw can be quite valuable. If you go into it with a curious and open mind, drawing can be a form of meditation and a much-needed respite from a screen-saturated world.

There’s only one problem: If you’re feeling a bit rusty when it comes to picking up a pencil and paper, you might not know where to start. What should you even be drawing anyway? We’ve gathered two great drawing classes — one abstract and one figurative — to inspire you and help get your creativity flowing.

1. Learn how to draw a meditative mandala

Mandala art
Fine Art Images/Heritage Images/Getty

A mandala is a Buddhist art form that uses geometric shapes filled with intricate flourishes to capture a philosophical, mindful state. The act of creating a mandala and losing yourself in its colors and lines serves as a form of meditation, and traditionally, mandalas are more about the journey of creation than the finished product (though the finished product is certainly gorgeous to behold!).

In this class, you’ll learn how to channel the serene beauty of mandalas with your own drawings. You’ll see just how freeing drawing a mandala can be, as you’ll be guided through a rewarding process of transforming simple sketches into your own breathtaking creations, bringing relaxation and joy into every stroke.

Traditional mandalas may look intimidatingly difficult to replicate, but in this class you’ll see how they can be a form of creative self-care, and you’ll come away from it with a sense of awe at their rhythmic patterns and symmetrical beauty. 

Take the Craft Your Calm: Serene Mandala Drawing Made Easy class.

2. Learn how to create a powerful portrait inspired by Frida Kahlo

One of Frida Kahlo's self-portraits
Tristan Fewings/Getty for Sotheby’s

Frida Kahlo was a highly influential Mexican artist known for her stunning and surreal take on self-portraiture. Kahlo’s portraits incorporated elements of her culture and the world around her, and served as a way for her to process personal trauma in addition to bringing haunting beauty into the world.

Kahlo’s take on self portraits is deeply inspiring — even if you don’t fancy yourself an artist. In this class, you’ll learn a little about who Kahlo was and why her art had such an impact on the world, and move into an exercise where you’ll create a Kahlo-esque portrait of your own.

Intimidated? Don’t be! Even if you’re not quite on Kahlo’s level (and really, who is?) learning about her work is sure to get your creativity flowing. Helpfully, this class includes links to a many of Kahlo’s most famous works, as well as articles about her impact.

As the artist herself once said, “I paint self-portraits because I am so often alone, because I am the person I know best,” and in this class, you’ll see how you can be your own best subject, and how you can use portraiture to capture complex emotions and highlight what makes you unique.

Click through to take the Inspirational Artists: Create Frida Kahlo Inspired Art class.

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