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Horoscope: What’s in Store for You May 6 — May 12, 2024?

Here's what's in store for your star sign this week

Reading your horoscope for the week can help you navigate the days ahead. Since horoscopes predict future life events (big and small), you’ll have an idea of what the upcoming days might bring. Here’s what’s happening for your zodiac sign this week, May 6 to May 12, 2024.

AQUARIUS Jan. 20–Feb. 18

Aquarius sign
Sarayut Thaneerat/Getty

You’ll get the green light to begin a project that’s close to your heart alongside family members around the 7th. On the 11th, tackling everyday to­-do’s with a friend could be productive and ultimately fulfilling! (Learn more about Aquarius.)

Your lucky days: May 5, 6, 10

Your lucky numbers: 4, 6, 15

PISCES Feb. 19–Mar. 20

Pisces sign
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Around the 7th, you’ll seek men­tal stimulation. An impromptu brainstorm could set you down
an exciting path. On the 8th, you could become more aware of emotions you want to meaningfully work through. Dive in! (Learn more about Pisces.)

Your lucky days: May 7, 8, 11

Your lucky numbers: 3, 5, 12

ARIES Mar. 21–Apr. 19

Aries sign
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Around the 7th, you may be inspired to kick off a new money­making project. On the 8th, you can connect on a deeper level with your peers. Wearing your heart on your sleeve could be the first step to a breakthrough. (Learn more about Aries.)

Your lucky days: May 5, 6, 9

Your lucky numbers: 2, 3, 11

TAURUS Apr. 20–May 20

Taurus sign
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You’ll be fired up to launch a whole new chapter related to a longtime personal vision around the 7th. On the 8th, exploring a money­making project or going to bat for more responsibility can lead to success. (Learn more about Taurus.)

Your lucky days: May 7, 8, 11

Your lucky numbers: 1, 6, 10

GEMINI May 21–June 20

Gemini sign
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Around the 7th, you might be inspired to carve out more time for self­-care. Consider diving into self­-work, meditation or another form of self­-reflection on the 8th. What you learn could truly bolster your self­awareness. (Learn more about Gemini.)

Your lucky days: May 8, 9, 10

Your lucky numbers: 1, 2, 12

CANCER June 21–July 22

Cancer sign
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You’ll be motivated to connect with friends or co­workers around the 7th. Working together can lay the groundwork for a group win. On the 11th, you could be feeling particularly fiery and driven to step into the spotlight. (Learn more about Cancer.)

Your lucky days: May 7, 10, 11

Your lucky numbers: 8, 10, 11

LEO July 23–Aug. 22

Leo sign
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Higher-­ups could call on you to take on more responsibility or take the reins on a big­-picture project around the 7th. On the 10th, lively conversations with friends could inspire a creative, even adventurous undertaking! (Learn more about Leo.)

Your lucky days: May 5, 6, 10

Your lucky numbers: 1, 9, 18

VIRGO Aug. 23–Sept. 22

Virgo sign
Sarayut Thaneerat/Getty

You’ll be eager to shake up your usual routine and learn some­ thing new around the 7th. On the 11th, you could have the chance to have a significant heart­-to­-heart with a loved one that serves to bolster your bond. Go for it! (Learn more about Virgo.)

Your lucky days: May 7, 8, 11

Your lucky numbers: 8, 9, 18

LIBRA Sept. 23–Oct. 22

Libra sign
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You could crave the chance to foster even greater intimacy with a loved one around the 7th. On the 8th, you’ll be especially imaginative and could benefit from pouring emotions into an artistic outlet. You’ll soar! (Learn more about Libra.)

Your lucky days: May 8, 9, 10

Your lucky numbers: 7, 8, 17

SCORPIO Oct. 23–Nov. 21

Scorpio sign
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Consider taking the first step toward pursuing a goal you share with a loved one around the 7th. On the 8th, you can get an accurate read on a family member’s emotions and be a comforting shoulder to lean on. (Learn more about Scorpio.)

Your lucky days: May 8, 10, 11

Your lucky numbers: 4, 7, 16

SAGITTARIUS Nov. 22–Dec. 21 

Sagittarius sign
Sarayut Thaneerat/Getty

Around the 7th, you might want to reassess your day­-to­-day well­ness routine. Try a new approach to amplify your vitality! On the 8th, a deep, thoughtful conversation with a dear friend has you feeling seen and heard. (Learn more about Sagittarius.)

Your lucky days: May 5, 6, 8

Your lucky numbers: 3, 6, 15 

CAPRICORN Dec. 22–Jan. 19

Capricorn sign
Sarayut Thaneerat/Getty

The 7th will present the oppor­tunity to hit pause on your everyday to­-do’s to embrace more lighthearted fun with your friends. On the 11th, prioritizing catch­up time with family members can bring you great joy. (Learn more about Capricorn.)

Your lucky days: May 6, 7, 8

Your lucky numbers: 5, 10, 14

Happy Birthday! Year-ahead forecast for those born this week.

Taurus, in late May, messenger Mercury in your sign forms a harmonizing angle to taskmaster Saturn in your networking zone, inviting you to discuss a long-term collaborative project with a group of friends. In early June, communicator Mercury in your sign syncs with dreamy Neptune in your long-term wishes zone, which could amplify your creativity. Tuning in to your intuition and allowing it to guide your goal-setting could be particularly productive now. In June, information-gathering Mercury in your money zone forms a positive angle to powerful Pluto, which could fuel meaningful conversations related to your income. You’ll be especially convincing and will be able to make a case for any proposal you’ve had up your sleeve!

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