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“I’m a Tarot Card Reader and Here are The 3 Best Tarot Spreads to Help You Attract the Wealth You Want.”

Plus, learn what certain cards may mean for you and your financial future.


Money is a realm of numbers, but we all know there’s more to our financial lives than simple math. Some of the highest earners go into the deepest debt, while many people with modest incomes live very rich lives. That’s because the truth about money is that it’s emotional, even energetic. Using these 3 financial tarot spreads can help reveal hidden truths about what’s holding you back and how you can attract the wealth you want. 

Why do a financial tarot spread?

Tarot can be a priceless tool for bringing to light the stories and beliefs about money that control our financial lives. With the help of tarot’s archetypes and images, you can spot patterns that have trapped you in a bad relationship with money.

Many people don’t realize how subconscious patterns and beliefs shape your financial life. Some people may feel that life has been unfair to them, and their subconscious money story is about how much they “deserve” to buy themselves things, perpetuating a cycle of overspending and stress that only reinforces the idea that life is unfair.

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Other people let their anxiety about money prevent them from buying even basic things, wearing clothes filled with holes or driving a car that keeps breaking down. This creates a feeling of scarcity and lack no matter how much they have in the bank.

To get the best insights from your reading, create a peaceful space in your home where you can do one of the following spreads undisturbed. If you have crystals, grab your citrine. It can help attract abundance and shift a negative money mindset. Finally, light a candle to set the mood.

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How to read these spreads for yourself

You don’t need to learn all of the traditional tarot cards’ meanings to get a lot out of these spreads. To interpret the cards, use your intuition to focus on your personal response to each one. In the context of the spread, ask yourself what thoughts the card’s imagery evokes. Jot down your impressions in a journal and revisit them periodically as time passes.

Keep in mind that no card is strictly bad or good. It all depends on your situation, the spread and your intuition. These are just some common ways to interpret these cards in a financial reading. If you want to know more about a card, refer to the book your deck came with or simply do an internet search on the card in question. Trust that you’ll be connected with the information you need to know. There are unlimited ways to interpret a card in a financial spread. The right one is the one that resonates with you and helps you think through your experiences.

These are positive cards to look for in a financial tarot spread

The Wheel of Fortune

The Wheel of Fortune

The Wheel of Fortune represents good fortune, luck and positive changes in your life, including your financial life.

The ace of pentacles

The ace of pentacles (financial tarot spread)

The ace of pentacles shows a new opportunity or resource on the horizon. It could predict a windfall, raise or inheritance.

The Empress

The Empress (financial tarot spread)

The Empress brings abundance, luxury, creativity and success.

The eight of pentacles

The eight of pentacles

The eight of pentacles tells you that your hard work will be financially rewarded.

The six of pentacles

The six of pentacles (financial tarot spread)

The six of pentacles is all about giving and receiving gifts. It suggests you will have all you need and more to share.

The page of pentacles

The page of pentacles

The page of pentacles brings new starts and fresh opportunities to bring wealth into your life.

These are negative cards to look for in a financial tarot spread

The five of pentacles

The five of pentacles (financial tarot spread)

The five of pentacles shows financial loss, hardship and feeling left out in the cold. It can suggest financial setbacks.

The ten of swords

The nine of swords

The ten of swords suggests a financial rock-bottom. It’s rough, but at least the worst is over.

The nine of swords

The nine of swords (financial tarot spread)

The nine of swords depicts intense worries that keep you up at night — this could refer to money fears.

The seven of swords

The seven of sword

The seven of swords can mean someone in your life is being dishonest about financial matters or deals.

The Death card

Death, tarot card in hand. Banner background with copy space for text.
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The Death card, while not always negative, can represent the end of a job, career or financial situation. But this loss will lead to transformation.

Understanding financial difficulties financial tarot spread

Attracting abundance(financial tarot spread)
Joy Manning

Everyone struggles with finances from time to time. Maybe you lost your job, had a string of unexpected expenses or endured a costly divorce. Or perhaps you’ve always struggled with money issues, habitually spending more than you earn. Whatever the case, when you’re dealing with money problems, this simple spread can help you sort it out and take control.

Shuffle your cards and cut the deck with your non-dominant hand. Draw four cards in the pattern shown above. Here’s what the positions mean:

  1. A subconscious money belief at the root of your problem.
  2. The next action you should take to improve the situation.
  3. An obstacle you need to overcome.
  4. Help and resources to explore.

After you’ve taken a moment to look at and react to the cards, take a few minutes to write down your thoughts in a journal. Consider any ideas that arise from looking at this group of cards together — how do they relate to each other?

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Attracting abundance financial tarot spread

Understanding financial difficulties (financial tarot spread)
Joy Manning

The idea of attracting abundance is about as woo-woo as it gets. But if you’ve ever experimented with manifesting you know there’s something to it. This spread can tell you what you need to know to tune into higher vibes.

  1. Your current energy.
  2. The cosmic energetic weather (the general vibe).
  3. How to align your energy with the universe.

This spread is a great tool for shifting out of a financial funk or a negative outlook on your finances. Feel free to use it as often as you like — both your own energy and the cosmic energetic weather are constantly changing.

The most important card to contemplate is card 3. This card holds the wisdom you need to get in tune with the energy of the universe — an important step to calling in true abundance in life. When you jot down your impressions, focus your energy here. Remember, abundance includes money but also everything that makes you feel wealthy, including good relationships, a comfortable home, family and simple pleasures.

Cultivating gratitude financial tarot spread

Cultivating gratitude (financial tarot spread)
Joy Manning

It’s well known that feeling grateful for what you have in life can make you happier and healthier. You’ve probably at least dabbled in gratitude journaling and felt its positive effects. Gratitude can not only elevate your vibes, making you a stronger magnet for money, but it can make you feel wealthier by actively appreciating what you already have. This spread can help you tap into the power of gratitude.

  • Something you are grateful for.
  • Why you appreciate it.
  • What value it represents in your life.
  • How to bring gratitude more into your life.
  • An overlooked resource you can be grateful for.

Again, card 3 is the keystone card for this reading. When you know what value is underneath something you are grateful for, it’s easier to draw more of it into yourself. Card 3 may show a family scene, fun, work, travel or nature. When you identify this value, you can plan to spend more of your time in alignment with that value.

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