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10 Side Hustles For Women Over 50 — Rack Up Extra Cash Doing Something You Like

Sell crafts, walk dogs or rent your home — these women over 50 did and cashed in!

Whether you’re working full-time, part-time, or you’re retired, it’s nice to have extra money coming in when you want or need it. Having a side hustle can pay for bills, vacations, or give you that extra padding for your retirement. The trick with any good side hustles for women, though, is flexibility. And the best way to make fast money with flexibility? Look to the ‘gig’ economy: simple jobs or tasks you can do morning, noon or night that typically require no previous training or certifications. “All you need is a phone or computer,” says R.J. Weiss, Certified Financial Planner and founder of You simply decide when and where you want to work, then get paid!

What is a gig job and why are they good side hustles for women?

Gig jobs are perfect for times when you want to supplement your current income, you’re in between jobs or you have caretaking responsibilities you need to work around. And with a wide variety of gig jobs available, from ride-sharing to grocery shopping, along with quick money­making side hustles like selling your clutter on eBay or giving your opinion at focus groups, chances are you’ll find something that fits your needs and your schedule. 

The benefits: Not only are gig jobs easy side hustles for women, they’re the fastest way to earn cash: “Plus, many companies handle promotion and get customers for you,” says Weiss. “And you can usually get your first payment as quickly as within a week after starting—sometimes sooner.” For instance, Instacart lets you access earnings immediately for a 50-cent fee. Another bonus: Gig jobs are available most hours of the day and night, which means they fit into virtually any schedule. For example, if you only have time early in the morning or late at night, you can teach live online English courses to children overseas because of the difference in time zones. You can also easily change your hours if your schedule varies.

The financials: Most gig jobs are free to start. You may have fees (usually 5% to 25%) deducted from your earnings to cover a company’s operational costs, such as websites and apps. If the job requires a car or tools, you’ll supply your own. 

Earnings: You can earn about $7 to $25 per hour when working for a company, but there are ways to earn more, like working peak hours for higher rates and receiving bonuses for referring new employees. 

Taxes: You’re considered an independent contractor. This means if you earn $400 or more during the year, you’ll file a Schedule SE (Form 1040) to calculate income taxes and a Schedule C (Form 1040), showing profits and losses.

Getting started is easy!

You can visit for a list of gig job options. Or search “top side hustles” online for ideas on what you may be able to do. Read on for 12 side hustles perfect for women.

1. Side hustles for women: Teach a class in your local community

Do you have something to share with your community, either a hobby or something from your professional life? Consider teaching others through community classes. To start with, check with your local rec department, library, or community center to see if they are looking for instructors. Don’t be shy about pitching your own idea for a class. Many of these places will probably OK your idea. And who knows, you might end up loving teaching and passing on your knowledge or passion to others!

Success story: “I make $100K a year teaching home repair classes!

Beth Allen side hustles for women
Beth Allen, 51Matthew Allen

“When I was home with my first child, I started doing home renovation projects — I always loved to fix things,” says Beth Allen, 51. “I took a certificate of design program and worked with large-budget clients. Although I enjoyed the work, I really wanted to help women on a budget do their own home renovation projects so they could feel safe and maintain their property’s value. I reached out to my local community center and proposed a five-week class, and they agreed!

“I now teach classes at community colleges and adult evening schools, plus offer online courses at DiyHipChicks. The online courses include an intensive class that has 8 to 10 lessons about electric, plumbing, carpentry, appliance care, tool basics and drywall and a short class that covers seven basic home repairs. The courses also include private coaching and a private Facebook group. I’m helping women fix their home and flip their mindset — I want them to think big and give them confidence. I love when women get excited realizing they can do their own home repairs.”

“I promote my classes on social media, through my newsletter and via realtors and women’s empowerment groups. I make $100,000 a year, which helps pay for my kids’ college tuitions. I’m also saving to buy a school bus to bring DIY, life skills, financial literacy and parenting classes to underserved women in the community.” — as told to Julie Revelant

2. Become a consultant

A good way to stay involved with your professional side is to become a consultant in an industry you are familiar with. You might have methods of working or knowledge you can pass down to others. This is where LinkedIn can come in handy to figure out good side hustles for women. Connect with people you’ve worked with in the past, and reach out to them to ask them about consulting opportunities. 

Success story: “I make $500 a month sharing Mary Kay products!

Belinda Fraley Huesman holding a Mary Kay product
Belinda Fraley Huesman, 63

“My mother always instilled in me the importance of a good skincare routine. So when I was invited to a Mary Kay party in 1995, I eagerly accepted. I was going through a divorce, and the positivity of the women and quality of the products uplifted me,” says Belinda Fraley Huesman, 63. 

“It was such a good experience that I decided to become a Mary Kay independent beauty consultant myself. You can sign up online or in person then connect with another consultant in your area to purchase the starter kit. The company sets you up with tools and training for success, including the option to create a website so customers can order directly from you.”

“I purchase inventory at a 50% discount every three months to remain an active consultant, and then sell those products at a retail price suggested by Mary Kay. As a songwriter who frequently travels to and from Nashville, I spend anywhere from 2 to 10 hours a month on my Mary Kay business, which earns about $500 a month. I used to hold events, but these days I usually sell with face-to-face purchases. I also share my website with my customers for added convenience.”

“I love meeting new women, hearing their stories and seeing how Mary Kay has changed their skin and lifestyle. It’s easy for me because I truly believe in their products and use them daily. When I look in the mirror, I see my mom looking back at me proud that I heeded her advice!”  — as told to Hannah Chenoweth

3. Side hustles for women: Walk dogs or pet sit

There are severals apps available for pet sitting and dog walking that make great side hustles for women. Wag and Rover are two such apps to check out. All you need to do is create a profile and mark your availability. With pet sitting, you can offer to host in your home or go to theirs, so it’s an easy and convenient way to make some extra money and to get your dog (or cat or rabbit or turtle) fix. With these apps, you control your hours, so you can really do it at your convenience. 

Success story: “I bring in $10,000 a year from pet-sitting!” 

Lisa Jacobson with a dog as a side hustle dog sitting
Lisa Jacobson, mid-50s

“My good friend, a fellow single parent and animal-lover, had been raving about her experience working with Rover, an app that connects pet owners with local dog-walkers and dog-sitters,” says Lisa Jacobson, mid-50’s. “I worked full-time as a marketing manager, as the sole supporter of my son in college, but I was drawn to the idea of earning extra income doing something that I love. 

“So I downloaded the app, passed the background check and was approved by the Rover review team within days. At first, I offered a full menu of services: dog-walking, day care, boarding and dog-sitting in clients’ homes. But once I built a solid base of repeat clients, I curtailed my services, and today, I bring in $10,000 a year just by boarding.”

“My services are in peak demand during the holiday ­season — I can earn up to $1,000 a week over a holiday if I board more than one dog. It brings me joy to know that my clients can travel and enjoy themselves knowing their dogs are safe and loved. Plus, it’s great to have extra canine guests at my Thanksgiving table! 

“I not only have extra money to put toward my son’s college expenses, I also get to care for dogs who aren’t accepted at boarding kennels because of their special needs. An adorable Maltese mix named Fonzi has captured my heart! He’s blind and diabetic, needs to be carried up and down the stairs and requires insulin injections every 12 hours. Fonzi recognizes my voice and wags his tail when he’s dropped off at my house. His owners didn’t used to travel, and giving pet parents that peace of mind is the best reward for me.” — as told to Hannah Chenoweth

4. Work special events

If you don’t want a regular gig, then consider applying to a place that just has special events. Sporting places, concert venues, and theaters are all good options. Summer is a great time of year to look for pop-up events like fairs, too. Check out what’s available around you where you can pick up a gig from time to time. 

5. Side hustles for women: Rent out your home

Have you heard of Airbnb? It’s a website and app where people can rent out their home to others passing through town. There are a couple of ways to do this. First, you can rent out a room and earn regular income. Or you can rent out your home when you’re traveling or on vacation so they can have the entire place to themselves. It can be a little intimidating to think about doing this at first, but it’s one of the best side hustles for women and an easy way to make extra money. Plus, there are sites where you can rent out your backyard, garage (Peerspace) or even your swimming pool (Swimply)! If you’re considering it, try finding a group on Facebook to join. They’ll be able to give you advice and answer all your questions.

Success story: “I make $35,000 a year renting out my pool!

Lisa Schroeder in front of her pool, side hustles for women
Lisa Schroeder, 65

“As a chef and restaurant owner, I was feeling discouraged during the pandemic, especially when my restaurant was still closed in 2021,” says Lisa Schroeder, 65. “Then I came across Swimply, which is like an Airbnb for pools that you book by the hour.”

“My husband and I were immediately intrigued by the idea of renting out our pool. Once we learned that everything is done on the Swimply app, so you don’t have to be home or manage any payment transactions, we were sold! Both hosts and guests have to be pre-approved, so we submitted our information (including photos of our pool) and were thrilled to be approved by Swimply in March of 2021.”

“Pool owners are able to set their own price, so we listed our pool at $75 per hour for five guests, and $10 for each additional guest. We approve one group at a time to make sure there is no overlap. My husband is now retired, so he makes a point to greet our guests and make sure the pool is clean, chemically balanced and heated to the right temperature.” 

“We bring in about $35,000 a year renting our pool in the spring and summer. This covers the expense of maintaining the pool, home improvements and supporting our twin grandsons, who we’re raising. It’s so exciting to be able to bring joy to others. Hearing the squeal of a child as they get a glimpse of our pool for the first time is the best. To know we’re providing a great experience for others makes it so rewarding—and not just financially!” —as told to Hannah Chenoweth

6. Sell your crafts

If you like to knit, crochet, make quilts or anything in between, consider selling them to others. This is a really good side hustle to do with a friend. You can join up to motivate one another and even split the cost of a booth or space at a craft fair. If you’re considering trying this one, go to a few craft fairs yourself to see what is popular and does well. This will help you figure out what to put your time into. Even baked goods might be the way to go for something like this. 

Success story: “I make $300 a month selling my crochet crafts!

Diane Stone, selling her crafts as a side hustle for women
Diane Stone, 74

“For years, I enjoyed helping my daughter Angela sell her teas at craft fairs and farmers markets. As an avid crocheter, I also sold my tea cozies and beaded tea balls at her booth,” says Diane Stone, 74. “When Angela stopped doing events, I found that I really missed being out and about talking to people. After some encouragement from my husband, and since I had an abundance of crocheted earrings stacking up at home, I started selling my own products! I began making embroidered cards and other handmade crafts too.” 

“In February 2022, I launched my business, Wild Thyme Studios, and had to present my products for approval to a standards committee at Eugene’s Saturday Market, the local weekly craft market, to ensure they’re handmade.”

“I sell at the market most Saturdays and during the holidays. I spend 10 to 15 hours a week crafting, plus another 6 hours selling. I also recently launched an Etsy store to reach a wider base. I now make an average of $300 per month (and more during the holidays), money that goes toward restocking supplies. Cards are my bestseller, but jewelry is a close second.  I’ve always loved crocheting, embroidering and having my hands busy. The creative process of choosing colors and working with threads and yarns, plus being out at the market and talking to people, brings me joy. The best part is that I can crochet anywhere: at home, in the car, even on airplanes. Being retired, it’s the perfect way to get out of the house and do something productive that I enjoy!” — as told to Hannah Chenoweth

7. Side hustles for women: Become a ref, ump, or sports official

Training for these is often inexpensive, and there’s such a need out there for good officials. This truly is a gig that’s in high demand, but it’s really flexible so you can take it on as you’re available. If you’re not sure where to look, start by contacting you area school, Little League organization, or another youth sports program. They should be able to point you in the right direction. 

8. Give rides in your community

Lyft and Uber are two very popular ways for people to earn side hustle income. All you need is a tidy car, and you can make yourself available to give rides. It’s relatively easy to get set up, but you do have to like driving and being friendly to strangers. Other apps that pay? Kango (where you drive kids around) and CitizenShipper (where you drive pets).

Success story: ” I make $600 driving kids around!”

Elsa Calacal with her car side hustle
Elsa Calacal, 57

“When my daughter became a mom, I wanted to be able to help her out, but I’d stopped working full-time, so I also needed to find a way to make money,” says Elsa Calacal, 57.
“When I discovered Kango (, an app that pays you to drive kids to school, activities and appointments, it seemed like a great opportunity to bring in some cash. “

“After I applied on Kango’s website, they ran an in-depth background check and fingerprinting, verified my car registration and insurance and interviewed me in person. They also inspected my car at an independent shop to make sure it was safe and in perfect working order.”

“When a parent requests a ride, I accept or decline it, depending on my schedule. Kids under 2 years old must be accompanied by a parent or guardian, and some older kids travel with a nanny. Parents can also request car seats. When I pick up a child, I show my driver’s license to the parent. The parents also show my picture to their child so they’ll recognize me. When I drop off the child, I make sure they get into the building, then I text their parent to let them know they arrived. Some parents specifically ask for me — I’ve been driving some of the same kids for four years! “

“The fees vary, but the minimum fare is $16. I drive up to 25 hours a week and make $500 to $600 a week. The money I make pays my bills, and I’m able to spend more time with my granddaughter!” — as told to Julie Revelant

9. Side hustles for women: Run errands or shop for others 

Shipt is an app that hires people to shop for others. There are other options, too, where you can run errands or pick up food for a fee. For instance, Doordash is another one of the greay side hustles for women. Do a little searching to see what’s available in your area. 

Success story: “I bring in up to $22 an hour food shopping!”

Christine Crawley side hustle with Shipt, shopping at the grocery store
Lisa Marshall/Ikonik Pix

“After I lost my job working for a company that supplied truck parts, I saw an ad on Facebook for Shipt, a company that hires people to grocery shop for others,” says Christine Crawley, 53,  I decided to look into it because it seemed like a fun and flexible way to make money.”

“I filled out an application and answered some questions about how I would handle different customer-service­ issues, such as if a member requests raspberries and some are moldy. For one of the questions, I had to record a video of my response, which was easy to do with my smartphone. They also ran a background check.”

“The great thing about Shipt is that I set my own schedule. When I’m available to work, I open the app and pick opportunities that are closest to me. I then put myself on their schedule, wait for orders to come in and choose the ones I want. For each job, Shipt sends me the name of the store, the location and the member’s shopping list. Using a credit card that Shipt gives me, I buy the items and deliver them to the member’s home. If the store doesn’t have an item on the list, I text the member. They can either choose a substitution, let me use my best judgment or take the item off the list. I usually do grocery shopping, but I also go to convenience stores and pick up clothing, personal care items and flowers. 

“Shipt pays me a base fee and a percentage of the total sale. I also get tips. I love that it’s so flexible and that I can work anywhere in the country. I work 25 hours a week and make $16 to $22 hour. The money I earn pays the bills and allows me to take vacations—like a road trip I recently took through 10 states!”  — as told to Julie Revelant

10. Teach English online 

There are a few different companies out there where you can work from home teaching English to kids, which makes a great side hustle for women. If the at-home option sounds like a good choice for you (and you like kids), check out VIP Kid. You can usually set your own hours, making it easy to work around your schedule.

Success story: “I make over $500 a week helping foreign students learn English!”

Susan Jensen VIP side hustle
Susan Jensen, 63

“After almost 30 years of teaching, I was nearing retirement, but I truly adored my job and wasn’t ready to cut the cord completely,” says Susan Jensen, 67. “One night, I was browsing online when I came across VIPKid, a learning platform that connects North American educators to Chinese students. It was started by a Chinese teacher who was frustrated by the shortage of English-speaking tutors and created a Skype-like portal to close the gap. I thought it was a neat concept, plus it couldn’t hurt to have an extra stream of income to supplement my retirement!”

“I filled out the online application, passed the phone interview, then took part in a ‘mock class’ trial before being welcomed aboard. You don’t have to be a teacher to sign up, but it helps you earn a higher fee. You can make $14 to $22 an hour, depending on your background.”

“I teach about 70 half-hour classes each week to Chinese children who range in age from 5 to 11. Each class is one-on-one, and VIPKid provides the curriculum and the platform, so there’s no planning needed on my part. My main job is to guide and encourage my students. They are enthusiastic and eager to learn, and the interaction makes my day.”

“The flexibility is another perk. In the winter, my husband and I escape the cold in Minnesota with frequent trips to Arizona. With VIPKid, you can work as little or as much as you want. The fact that I can travel anywhere without sacrificing a paycheck is pretty amazing!” — as told to Hannah Chenoweth

Take what you’re good at and spread the word to others

Whether it’s any of the above or something else, sometimes you just have to be proud of your talents and share them with others. Are you a handyman or handywoman? Are you a good cook? Put a post out on Facebook or share with your friends that you’re available for side jobs. You might be surprised what you get from just letting your own network know you’re available. 

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