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How to Make Money Working From Home for the Government — 5 Great Options

From the Census Bureau to NASA, find the right job for you!


Did you know working for the United States federal government doesn’t always require an in-person presence? Even better, you don’t have to live near the nation’s capital to score a government gig and all of the perks that come with it! While it may be a surprise to some, the government has long recognized the benefits of working from home, even before the pandemic accelerated the rise of remote positions. In fact, the term “telecommuting” was coined by a government employee back in the 1970s. Luckily, there are numerous work-from-home opportunities within the government — from administrative roles to field representatives — up for grabs for workers all over the U.S. Keep scrolling to learn how you can start earning with one of the many work from home government jobs.

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Benefits of work-from-home government jobs

If you’re interested in working for the government, you’re in good company: There are nearly three million employees in the U.S. federal workforce. The sheer variety of rewarding positions serving the public is one reason government gigs are so appealing. While some roles require specialized experience, there are also many opportunities for those without a college degree. You can have your pick of part-time or full-time jobs in departments or agencies housed under the executive, legislative or judicial branch (with the majority of roles falling under the executive branch).

1. No commute

Right now, California and Texas have the highest share of federal government employees, but the good news is that there are remote opportunities all across the nation. According to the most recent Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey, almost 70% of government employees work from home at least occasionally. The benefits are undeniable: Without a commute or the distractions of the office, you’re set up to better balance your personal and professional responsibilities.

2. Benefits that are up to 75% covered

Speaking of benefits…one of the biggest draws of government jobs is the generous benefits available. This includes competitive base pay, federal student loan reimbursement, paid holidays and retirement savings plans. When it comes to health insurance, federal employees can choose from 200 plans without a waiting period to enroll — plus, federal agencies typically cover between 70% and 75% of healthcare costs.

3. Alternative work schedules

Prefer to work outside the traditional 9 to 5? That’s on the table too, thanks to the alternative work schedules offered by the government. There are two main types: flexible work schedules and compressed work schedules. Flexible schedules allow you to create your own custom schedule that adds up to 40 hours a week, while compressed schedules allow you to work 40 hours over the course of four days instead of five.

4. Job sharing

The opportunity to “job share” is another unique perk of a gig with the government. Translation? If you’re looking for part-time work, some positions are able to be shared with another person — for instance, you can each work two-and-a-half-days or 20 hours per week. Among the government employees who share jobs, 72.4% are women.

5. Stability

It’s also worth a mention that government jobs are well-known for being stable and secure. Compared to people employed in the private sector, individuals working in a government position tend to log a higher number of years working for their employer.

Where to find government jobs work-from-home jobs

Ready to find the perfect government job for you? The official government job board,, is the best place to get started. It allows you to narrow your search depending on the occupation, agency, job title or department you’re interested in. You can also type “remote” into the location search bar (there are currently nearly 400 remote jobs listed).

“Depending on your qualifications, there is likely a position in the government for almost anyone looking for remote work,” says Stefan Campbell, owner of The Small Business Blog.  “If you’re looking for remote job opportunities, a quick search on most job search sites like FlexJobs, CareerBuilder, and Indeed will turn up hundreds of opportunities at any given time.”

The one caveat, says Campbell, is the clearance required to be employed with the federal government. “As you can probably imagine, background checks and other delving into work, credit and criminal history come into play in a government job more than they do working in the public sector,” he says.

Many of the government agencies list openings on their individual websites as well. You can find a full list of agencies and departments here. In the meantime, here are five agencies with remote openings!

1. Work from home government jobs: The U.S. Census Bureau

As a part of the U.S. Department of Commerce, the U.S. Census Bureau collects a wide variety of data about the nation’s economy and its people, which is used to make far-reaching decisions. One way this information is collected is through field representatives hired by the Census Bureau to collect social and economic data on their local regions.

This is a part-time job that typically comes with the ability to set your own hours and do part of your work from home (setting up appointments, making phone calls, etc.). The majority of the gig entails interviewing people at their homes, so it’s an opportunity to work independently while also interacting with all kinds of people in your community. Plus, there’s no special experience required, although you will need a car to conduct the interviews (all travel is reimbursed). Field representative openings are posted on the website.

2. National Aeronautics and Space Administration

You don’t have to go to space — or even leave your home — to work for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)! According to their website, the agency hires 500 to 1100 new team members each year. NASA has won its fair share of workplace awards, from being named the #1 place to work in the federal government by The Partnership for Public Service to one of America’s Best Large Employers by Forbes.

There are currently remote openings in areas like human resources and administrative services. Openings are listed on

3. Work from home government jobs: The Department of Homeland Security

It doesn’t get much more rewarding than helping to secure the nation’s safety. That’s exactly what the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is all about! According to their website, “this requires the hard work of more than 260,000 employees in jobs that range from aviation and border security to emergency response, from cybersecurity analyst to chemical facility inspector.”

There are wide-ranging remote jobs available in human resources, technical writing, communications, community outreach and more. Openings are listed on

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4. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) exists to protect the health of the American public. You too can contribute your unique skills to that worthy goal, helping with everything from contracts to data. Check out all of the benefits offered by the CDC on their website. Openings are listed on

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5. Work from home government jobs: The Department of Energy

The Department of Energy (DOE) addresses our nation’s energy, environmental and nuclear challenges to help secure our safety. According to their website, the DOE offers opportunities at all levels with competitive salaries, benefits packages and workplace flexibilities.

This mission requires all kinds of backgrounds, with openings for contract specialists, program managers, loan specialists, grants management specialists and more. Openings are listed on Openings are listed on

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