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How To Celebrate International Women’s Day: Shop 70+ of Our Favorite Women-Owned Brands

Support these women-owned businesses this International Women's Day!


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International Women’s Day is March 8! The global holiday first emerged from the activities of labor movements at the turn of the twentieth century in North America and across Europe and was first officially recognized in 1977. To date, International Women’s Day is a time to recognize the achievements of women across the globe. So, we’re celebrating with some of our favorite women-owned brands in the fashion, wellness, beauty, and food industries!

Shop Women-Owned Businesses for International Women’s Day

Adrianne Marie Jewelry

Treat yourself with something shiny and nice with Adrianne Marie Jewelry’s sustainable and modern jewelry collection! Wear pieces that you’ll feel good about and that your budget also appreciates. Each of her jewelry pieces are made to last with a lifetime color guarantee, being waterproof, sweatproof, and tarnish resistant. Each piece is hypoallergenic for even the most sensitive skin.

Bellabu Bear Baby Clothes

Say goodbye to unsafe and harmful children’s clothing fabric and hello to Bellabu Bear’s organically grown and chemical-free bamboo clothing. Awarded the Seal of Acceptance from the National Eczema Association, Bellabu Bear has a mission to dress every child in a pajama that is safer and more comfortable for bedtime. They pass all the tests from having YKK zippers (choking proof zippers) and Oeko-Tex Certification with pinch-free and worry-free garments.

Unbound Glo

After overcoming mental health struggles herself, Amber Stefanson decided to pour her passion for mental wellness into her own candle business, Unbound Glo. Spreading positivity and mental health awareness is easy with Unbound Glo’s cruelty-free, eco-friendly candles. Great for those with fragrance sensitivities, these candles are paired with music (a QR code links to a Spotify-curated playlist), creating a relaxing ambiance, curated for each candle, to amplify your senses. Unbound Glo creates feel-good smells for all, featuring mood-boosting functional fragrances. The woman-owned small business elevates spirits and creates a warm, positive atmosphere for good times and quiet moments. Once done with your Unbound Glo candle, reuse the jar or return the empty, clean jar to them and receive a 15% discount on your next order.

Chincha Travel

Cincha is the must-have travel brand of the century thanks to Ash Sharma! Ash’s entrepreneurial journey begins with her obsession with marketing to women. She landed a career at a marketing research firm and fell in love with the field. From there, she began working for startups. She took her skills and passion and started her own business. Designed with travelers in mind and from first-hand experience, Cincha’s travel products solve all types of traveling mishaps and make it an easy experience with their range of products like Travel Belts, Belt Bags, Belt Buddies, Totes, and more!

Dream Tea NYC

Founder Anney Norton, 26, was born in Shanghai and grew up in L.A. and New York. A go-getter by nature, she attended college at 16, launched A Cuter Cupcake at 21, and Dream Tea NYC at 24! A huge tea drinker, the idea for her latest endeavor originated during the pandemic when she was searching for a better tea experience with more variety. Dream Tea NYC is the only AAPI-owned tea brand offering consumers a user-friendly way to create their tea blend successfully.


Maysama is a woman-owned science-backed, eco-conscience beauty brand combining pulsed light therapy and green rooibos tea skincare to achieve the exact results you are looking for! Independently tested, Maysama’s unique combination light therapy is proven to more than double outcomes for anti-aging benefits. Founder, Bev May Sanderson, is a science graduate and extremely knowledgeable in her field. She has made many guest appearances on YouTube collaborations and her brand is synonymous with science and integrity.

Panic Panties

Women-owned Panic Panties creates the perfect spare underwear for life’s unexpected moments. Why? Because the founders were at the gym, on a date, on our period, on a trip, and suddenly needed a new pair of panties. Not the granny-panty-that-shows-through-even-the-thickest-of-jeans-type-underwear that you can find at your local drug store. We’re talking comfortable, gorgeous, everyday undies, like these No-Show Bikini underwear.

No-Show Bikini

Spare Underwear

Buy from Panic Panties, $13

This buttery soft, ultra-stretchy, and barely-there No-Show Bikini is individually packaged, pre-washed, and ready to be thrown in mom’s bag for the next time she gets the giggles in public. Made from premium, OEKO-TEX certified, and ethically sourced fabrics, and available in sizes 2 through 26.

Mela Vitamins

Ashley Harmon, who spent years struggling with chronic fatigue, skin breakouts, and digestive problems, founded Mela Vitamins, a multivitamin company for melanated women. “Other vitamins are not formulated for melanated people and do not include the levels of vitamins and nutrients that our bodies need,” says Harmon.

Vitamins & Supplements for Melanated Women

Buy from Mela, $40

This isn’t your average multivitamin. Daily Essentials was designed specifically with women of color in mind to increase energy levels, improve digestion and overall mood, help with stress relief, and more. Made with high-dose vitamin D (80+% of Black women are vitamin D deficient), bioactive essential vitamins, probiotics, and adaptogens to make sure mom feels her best. Third-party tested & made in an FDA-registered facility.


Former journalist Andrea Dinnick founded Desavery after discovering clinical studies about how plants impact mood and brain chemistry. This organic and vegan skincare allows for a minimalist routine that leaves your skin hydrated, moisturized, and radiant.

Garrigue Body Oil

Vegan & Organic Skincare

Buy from Desavery, $62

Garrigue Body Oil is a luxurious oil that nourishes the body and smells like a 5-star spa. Made without common, low-quality fillers like grapeseed oil, each ingredient is thoughtfully chosen and ethically sourced from an eco-region in Provence. Fig seed oil has naturally occurring magnesium that absorbs topically to promote relaxation and rice bran oil evens skin tone and helps the body retain moisture. Best used on damp skin, it’s the perfect post-bath/shower ritual, and it quickly absorbs into skin rather than sitting on top and feeling greasy.


Cosabella is a lingerie brand world-famous for its exceptional fit, finest quality and inclusivity. General manager Silvia Campello was inspired by her mother, Valeria Campello, who founded Cosabella from humble beginnings in Miami in 1983. Silvia grew up watching her mom start her intimates business from home. Valeria was a pioneer when she started, always working with a goal of size inclusivity. Cosabella popularized the thong in mid-1980’s, substituting all bodysuits with a thong back design and coining the term “no more visible panty lines” making it a mainstream staple. They were also the first to offer lingerie that was delicate, light, and supportive using elastane, netting and hosiery materials which allow the fabric to mold comfortably to the body. Cosabella is known throughout the world for popularizing bright, vibrant colors in the intimates category.

Franne Golde

Founded by Grammy nominated singer/songwriter, Franne Golde is a direct-to-consumer, woman led clothing brand that consists of elevated chic, elevated essentials that are designed to make getting dressed the easiest part of your day. The collection was born in Los Angeles when Franne was in search of the perfect black pant. Growing tired, Franne set out to make her own, and the signature Magic Pant quickly became a best-seller. Today, the collection consists of a full line of classic women’s essentials that seamlessly combine quality, comfort and style.

Original Magic Pant

Women's Straight-Leg Pants

Buy from Franne Golde, $155

This is the style that started it all. This great-fitting pant has structure and stretch to hold you in all the right places and feel good all day long.

Editor’s Note: “These pants have become my go-to look working from home. They’re effortlessly comfortable and stylish!”

Mocktail Club

Whether you’re taking a break from alcohol, or giving it up for good, you’ll want to cheers with a drink from Mocktail Club, a woman and Black-owned non-alcoholic beverage company. Enjoy drinks such as a Capri Sour or a Manhattan Berry and reap the benefits with ingredients such as pomegranates and blackberries for antioxidants and apple cider vinegar which contains prebiotics for gut health. All offerings are non-GMO, gluten-free, and vegan for added goodness. 

Coco On the Go

Coco on the Go’s fun and colorful (and comfortable!) leggings and sports bras get you motivated to get outside and crush your goals. The female-founded brand focuses on staple fitness pieces that stand out for their quality, textures, and sizing. The founder takes inspiration from her trips to Brazil, where she experienced women of all body types radiating beauty, vitality, and self-assurance. Work up a sweat with these must-have athleisure styles.


Kinsho creates bento boxes, lunch bags, thermoses and more — everything you need for a healthy and sustainable lunch! For school, camp, picnics and more there’s a wide range of colors and styles to help every lunch be fun, healthy and special. From unicorns, dinosaurs and mini monsters for younger children, to cool colors and sports designs for older kids through adults, there’s something to make you and your family smile from woman-owned Kinsho.

Simone I. Smith

Simone I. Smith, wife of entertainment icon LL COOL J and a proud mother of four, is a 19-year cancer survivor, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and a devoted woman of God. Co-founding Simone I. Smith Jewelry in 2011, her inspiration stemmed from her battle with stage III chondrosarcoma, leading to the creation of the signature lollipop pendant, “A Sweet Touch of Hope.” Expanding her collection to include hoop earrings, bangles, necklaces, and men’s jewelry, Smith, in partnership with the American Cancer Society, donates a portion of sales proceeds to support the ongoing fight against cancer in all its forms.

Smith joined forces with Grammy Award winner and Oscar nominee Mary J. Blige in 2018 to launch Sister Love, a jewelry line inspired by their friendship. The designs, which symbolize strength, edge, and style, are a reflection of their support for each other and their love of statement pieces. Most recently, Smith collaborated with Color of Change to create the Black Love collection.

Taylor Custom Rings

Founded by Ashley Taylor, Taylor Custom Rings creates stunning pieces that require no new mining and are designed with real lab-grown diamonds and recycled metals. Mine-free diamonds are physically, chemically, and optically identical to their mined counterparts and are graded the same way for cut, clarity, and color!


Oilogic was founded by two moms who wanted to create safe and effective products using soothing, natural essential oil blends for the wellness of all ages.  Made with 100% natural essential oils, Oilogic products help families with everyday ailments like coughs, colds and trouble falling asleep, and are Dermatologist & Pediatrician tested.

Uma Oils

Founder Shrankhla Holecek was raised in India, immersed in the knowledge and cultural tradition of Ayurveda and holistic medicine. UMA is a luxury beauty and wellness collection made of rare, precious botanicals grown in India and built around the 5000-year-old wisdom of Ayurveda.


Founder and CEO Lara Smith understands the importance role that comfortable sleep plays in one’s overall health and wellness. Having spent over a decade researching how one can get a better night’s sleep, she created a technological breakthrough with her innovative, breathable fabrics for women’s pajamas. She has worked with one of the leading textile mills in Asia to create a proprietary technology that is embedded in the textiles used in her sheets and sleepwear. Lara is bringing a more relaxing night’s sleep to women around the world with SOMÉ.

Top Note Tonics

Mary Pellettieri founded Top Note in 2017 after establishing a groundbreaking career as part of the first wave of women in brewing in the 1990s and early 2000s. She parlayed an early fascination with brewing beer in her basement to brewer and quality control positions at Goose Island and MillerCoors, eventually writing the literal book on quality in brewing and becoming an educator at the Siebel Institute. She bottled up all this experience and launched Top Note to bring a brewer’s eye for complex flavors to an industry where they were sorely lacking. Since launching, the beverage company has gobbled up some of the world’s most prestigious awards, including double gold, the highest honor, at the San Francisco International Spirits Awards in the Ready To Drink category for their Classic Tonic Water along with Indian Tonic Water, Grapefruit Soda, and Ginger Beer. Top Note also offers ready-to-drink premium craft mixers with twist-off crowns and two-serving bottles, and soft drinks, all handcrafted in Milwaukee using natural botanical extracts, monk fruit, and real cane sugars.

Kush Queen

Since first working in her first dispensary in 2006, Kush Queen Founder & CEO Olivia Alexander has worked with countless cannabis companies in social media, creative direction and digital strategy. With a knack for being able to develop, connect and relate the right cannabis products to the right communities, Olivia sought out to create her own CBD wellness brand and products because she did not see herself being represented in cannabis culture. She has grown Kush Queen into a multi-million dollar, multifaceted brand carrying only the finest in both CBD-only and THC-infused products. The Kush Queen product line includes award-winning bath bombs, pain relief lotions, edibles, wellness supplements and skincare.


Co-Founder Shelley Gupta started BāKIT Box in her kitchen in the middle of the pandemic after she had been delivering her own baked goods to her friends to bring them joy. Now, the specialty subscription baking kit company delivers global recipes and pre-measured ingredients for a unique at-home baking experience to families across the U.S. Although BāKIT Box can be used by anyone (any age, any skill level) Shelley saw the need for social, interactive and educational activities for kids and further developed the company to satisfy this need. The kits include a booklet with an educational STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics) element, naturally connecting these subjects to the fun of baking

Dazzle Dry

Dazzle Dry founderDr. Valenty and her husband relocated to Phoenix, AZ where he started a chemical consulting firm. A client of his had a wife who was a nail tech and was in search of a nail polish that could dry in under 10 mins. Vivian’s husband knew his wife could create this, and he was right. She developed the first-ever topcoat that used UVA rays to dry nails quickly. At the time, everyone thought UVB was the dangerous one, but it came out by the FDA that UVA was the culprit causing damage to the skin. So, she abandoned the idea of using any dangerous rays to dry polish (i.e. gel polish) and went on to spend the next 10 years designing a polish system that would change the industry forever – she was the first to use polymers that no one had ever used in the nail space and formulate a very unique base coat and solves three major problems: polish that dries slowly, doesn’t last beyond two days, and yellows on the nails. The brand takes sustainability very seriously and uses biodegradable, recyclable packaging materials AND partners with We Forest – Dazzle Dry plants one tree for every order placed on their site. 


This clean beauty brand was founded by celebrity esthetician Athena Hewitt and loved by celebrities like Emma Stone, Emily Blunt, Maggie Gyllenhaal, and Mandy Moore. Born from the frustration of seeing firsthand how the majority of skincare products either caused or worsened her clients’ skin conditions, Hewett – a master esthetician with over 20 years of experience – set out to create a beauty brand that works with the body rather than against it. Formulated to help your skin do what it does best: heal, Monastery’s beauty products are made entirely by hand in the company’s California headquarters using only the highest quality plant oils and distillations.


Born in 1991 on Toni Ray’s dining room table, HOBO is a second-generation, female founded company committed to making leather goods that only get better with use and wear. From selling handbags from the back of a pickup truck to being sold in major retailers such as Nordstrom, Dillard’s, and Belk, and over 1,750 specialty stores nationwide, HOBO has built a loyal cult following by remaining unique and not being led by the ‘it’ bag. Rooted in quality & craft, the brand is committed to creating quality products at an accessible price point.


Slumberkins is the leading early emotional wellness brand promoting healthy emotional development through stories and characters in the form of consumer products, books, content, music, school-based curriculum and more. Founded in 2015 by best friends Kelly Oriard and Callie Christensen, both moms with backgrounds in education, child development and family therapy. Slumberkins also has an app, a kids music album and a children’s program now streaming on Apple TV+.

Skin Pharm

Skin Pharm is a modern beauty brand founded by Nurse Practitioner Maegan Griffin. With in-clinic treatments at seven locations nationwide and an at-home skin care line with transparent ingredients, Skin Pharm offers a comprehensive, clinically-backed approach to skin health including best-sellers like Crystal Clear Clarifying PadsYouth Serum, and High Beam Brightening Lotion. With a skin care line launched in 2018, Skin Pharm’s award-winning portfolio has grown to nearly 20 products.


Frustrated by how difficult it was to find truly sustainable brands without conducting a multi-hour vetting process, Erin Houston and Emily Kenney founded WearWell to take the burden of researching brands off conscious consumers’ hands.  The founders choose brand partners making a positive impact in two distinct areas: workers’ rights and the environment. There are nearly 80 million garment workers around the world and 85% of them are women! Most people don’t know that, which is one of the reasons it was important to these founders to ensure the marketplace they built made it easy to shop according to your values.  They actively highlight black-owned brands, Certified B-corps, vegan styles, plastic-free options, and more.

LYS Beauty

Founded by Tisha Thompson, a 20-year beauty industry veteran on an unapologetic path to redefine beauty standards and make clean beauty accessible for all skin tones, types and textures, the LYS Beauty line maximizes performance with ingredient-rich, vegan formulas at affordable prices unlike any other clean complexion brand on the market. To note, Tisha was also included in the 2022 Inc. Female Founders 100 list.As the first Black-owned clean cosmetics brand to launch at Sephora, LYS Beauty is on a mission to dispel the myth that clean beauty, deep shade ranges, and high-performance products, at an affordable cost, cannot coexist. They are certified Sephora and Credo clean with universal shade offerings, high-performance results and affordable prices all under $30 for today’s evolving beauty consumer.

Raw Sugar

Founder Donda Mullis launched Raw Sugar Living in 2014 to inspire people to live from a powerful place of self-love, wellness, empowering others, finding beauty in their imperfections, and creating real change in the community. Through an edit of premium bath and body products, Raw Sugar Living offers consumers an elevated experience of clean, eco-conscious personal care products at an affordable price point.

Verlas Jewelry

Nidhi Dangayach founded Verlas in December 2019 with the mission to allow consumers to experience high-quality jewelry at the best value possible. Their vision for the brand is to bring transparency, clarity, and consistency to the online shopping experience of high-quality jewelry, giving customers the confidence to shop for high-value jewelry online.

Lake & Skye

Lake & Skye is a modern, conscious beauty brand that believes fragrance is a force for wellness. It can change one’s emotional state quickly. Operating differently than the other senses, scent takes a separate pathway in the brain that affects moods, emotions and memories. The brand takes a holistic approach with their award-winning products by distilling scent down to its essence to create best-in-class products in fragrance, body and home that elevate the everyday. 

Mar Soreli

Valeria Campello, the original founder of luxury intimates brand Cosabella, co-founded this line of Italian Fruilane shoes. “I was inspired by these shoes as a child, so was excited for the opportunity to work directly with these talented local artisans with a long heritage of craftsmanship and provide them with a platform to showcase their craft by introducing Mar Soreli to a new audience in the United States,” said Campello. “These iconic Italian shoes have a simplicity and handcrafted feel about them which is unlike any other shoe in the world.”

Mother Science

The serendipitous discovery of Malassezin, the proprietary ingredient found in Mother Science was fueled by the curiosity of co-founder and renowned violinist, Ann Marie Simpson-Einziger. In addition to her passion for music, Ann Marie had always been enthralled by science and studied biology at The University of Virginia and later taught high school physics and chemistry. In 2016 while on tour, Ann Marie developed a harmless skin condition that caused lightened patches of skin on her back. She had a hypothesis: could whatever caused them be used to intentionally reduce the look of dark spots on her face. She assembled a team of leading scientists, and over the course of six years, uncovered the power of Malassezin, which led to the inception of Mother Science.

Molecular Hero Serum

<strong>Breakthrough Serum for Dark Spots and Sun Damage</strong>

Buy from Mother Science, $89

Mother ScienceMolecular Hero Serum harnesses the power of Malassezin, a breakthrough, patented and first-to-market ingredient that is a 10x more powerful antioxidant than Vitamin C. This molecule, which naturally occurs on skin, has the unique ability to target hyperpigmentation, improve the skin’s moisture barrier, and provide potent antioxidant protection for powerful benefits without irritation. After extensive laboratory studies and two clinical trials, Mother Science is the first brand in skincare to use this novel molecule. Mother Science’s first product, Molecular Hero Serum, features Malassezin. This first-of-its-kind serum dramatically reduces the appearance of dark spots and sun damage, for an overall brighter, smoother, more youthful-looking complexion.

Bella Belle Shoes

Step into the empowering world of Bella Belle, the creation of shoe aficionados Erina Ardianto and Veronica Kwan. This Asian-American duo is not just crafting designer, evening, and wedding footwear — they’re shaping a narrative that celebrates the essence of femininity.

Giant Vintage

Nestled in Los Angeles, Giant Vitage is a small family-run business helmed by the visionary 22-year-old Annabelle Gonzalez, who is redefining eyeware and carving a space for women in the industry. This Latina-owned gem curates genuine vintage, headstock, and reworked glasses that scream individuality. 


Lindsey Laurain, the founder of ezpz, is a wife and working mom to three wonderful, wild boys who serve as her inspiration and in-home product testers for her brand that makes beautiful, developmentally-focused utensils, cups, and placemats for infants and little ones.

Bean & Bean

Rachel and Jiyoon Han are the Mother Daughter Q Grader Duo™ behind every coffee that gets served at Bean & Bean. Since opening the first shop on Rector & Broadway in 2008, we’ve grown Bean & Bean to four locations, now with a roastery in Queens, New York.

Hello Adorn

When founder Jess lost both of her parents, there was a heavy realization that tomorrow isn’t a guarantee and seemingly small moments are precious. Hello Adorn is a US-based, hand-made jewelry collective that creates minimalist, modern pieces that are perfect for all occasions.


This family-owned brand of eco-friendly, chemical-free cleaning products was born out of a parent’s journey to find a safe and effective alternative to chemical-based cleaning products.


The must-have swimwear brand was founded by Tiffany Rivers and Marisa De Lecce who promise to provide modern investment pieces that are timeless and recently expanded to offer wearable designs you can keep in your closet year-round.


The innovative kitchen brand that simplifies the process of herbal infusion from start to finish was founded by Chrissy Bellman, who had her “lightbulb” moment in 2011 watching a group of friends struggle to infuse in a small dorm room. It left the kitchen a complete mess and took the better part of an entire day. For such a simple task, it was quite the ordeal; there had to be a better way. Chrissy bootstrapped the engineering and development of LEVO for nearly 5 years during moonlight hours after full days behind a desk at Fortune 500 companies.


M.M.LaFleur is a startup from CEO & Founder Sarah LaFleur built on the core belief that when women succeed, the world becomes a better place. The brand is behind the ‘Ready to Run’ program providing free clothing loans to women running for public office and routinely explores creative partnerships (like their multi-year partnership with the WNBA) to support women. M.M.LaFleur has exciting activations on the horizon (more to come soon on that front), including part one of their Spring 2024 Collection, celebrating the complementary opposites that define M.M.LaFleur clothing, including effortless silhouettes with unexpected details.


Hilma, an all-natural, herbal products company, was founded by a NYC-based trio of female co-founders who had a joint “aha” moment when they realized they didn’t have clean, trusted options for their medicine cabinets in the same way they did for their personal care and cleaning products. Nina Mullen built her career leading business development at Dia&Co as well as various consumer product initiatives while at Harry’s and Bain and Company. At Hilma, she collaborates with the scientific advisory board, leading Hilma’s unique research and development process, as well as managing Hilma’s offline retail strategy.  Lily Galef previously worked at Vogue, Vox, and Refinery29 as a creative brand marketer and strategist managing content and partnerships, and she leads all brand, community and content strategy initiatives at Hilma. The company’s products address common health issues like gas and bloating, indigestion, sleep, head tension, immunity and more, are non-GMO, and contain no dyes, fillers, artificial preservatives or sweeteners. 


Cure founder, Harvard MBA and triathlete Lauren Picasso, is the only female founder of a powder electrolyte brand. She began exploring how to turn her homemade sports drink into a business, working on nights and weekends while also serving as the Director of Marketing at (an e-commerce company acquired by Walmart for $3.3B in 2016). She launched Cure in 2019, as the first – and still the only – female-founded electrolyte powder drink mix. Cure is made only with real ingredients like coconut water, pink Himalayan salt and lemon juice (with no added sugar, sweeteners or erythritol), and replenishes important minerals like sodium, potassium and magnesium that water alone can’t provide. The formula is based on the World Health Organization’s standard for Oral Rehydration Solution (ORS), which requires a precise ratio of glucose and electrolytes, has saved more than 50 million lives from severe dehydration around the world, and is proven to hydrate as effectively as an IV. 


Priyanka Jain (co-founder & CEO), Laine Bruzek (co-founder and CMO), Pita Navarro
(co-founder & CSO) are behind Evvy, a company that provides vaginal microbiome tests and care.

Bloom Nutrition

Mari Llewellyn, Co-CEO and Founder of Bloom, Founder of Strength by Mari, Mental Health Advocate and Fitness Entrepreneur who in 2022 landed on Forbes’ coveted “30 Under 30” list further solidifying her place in the health and wellness space.Over the past 4 years, Bloom has expanded far beyond the small pre-workout company Mari started in 2019 and appeals to a wide demographic from Gen-Z to a more affluent customer. Specifically over the past year, Bloom products have grown tremendously in popularity, including the fan-favorite Greens & Superfoods, which has become one of the best-selling wellness products on the market for its delicious taste and daily gut health support.

Branch Basics

Marilee Nelson is a Texas-based Environmental Consultant, Building Materials Specialist,
Certified Baubiologist, medicinal cook, and co-founder of Branch Basics. She started Branch
Basics after learning how much harmful chemicals in our products and food influence our
health. She found that cleaners and laundry detergents have a major impact on a home’s air
quality. Branch Basics offers a human-safe and effective concentrate that allows you to remove and replace every toxic cleaning and laundry product in your home.

Archer Roose

Marian Leitner-Waldman is the founder and CEO of Archer Roose Wines, one of the
fastest growing wine companies in the U.S. She is on a mission to democratize fine wine by
making the wine industry more inclusive and leveraging format to fit the lifestyles of modern


Katerina Schneider is the founder and CEO of vitamin company Ritual. When Kat was pregnant, she turned her house upside down to get rid of products with ingredients she couldn’t get behind. She replaced everything from her cleaning supplies to her deodorant. But, in my search for her ideal prenatal vitamin, she found questionable ingredients. Kat couldn’t find a brand that she trusted, so she decided to build her own. Kat founded Ritual with the belief that better health begins with better ingredients.


Michal and Merav Mor are the visionary scientific co-founders behind Lumen, an advanced
metabolic health device, blending their deep expertise in physiology with a passion for wellness and fitness. With PhDs in Physiology, focusing on cardiac arrhythmia, their academic rigor informs Lumen’s innovative approach. Their work not only advances metabolic health
technology but also inspires a community committed to health and performance.

Bath & Body Works Fragrance Butterfly

Created by Honorine Blanc and redesigned byTaylor Scalzo exclusively for Women’s History Month, this stunning Bath & Body Works fragrance smells like: an inspiring flight through sweet, floral spring air with notes of raspberry nectar, iris petals, and airy vanilla. “It’s a time to celebrate each other as women, to take pride in what we have achieved individually & collectively, and to lift each other up,” says master perfumer Blanc. “The transformation of a butterfly is a powerful representation of the change that women have fought for,” Scalzo adds.

Flaire & Co.

This affordable, hypoallergenic jewelry line was founded by Dorothy Deng during the pandemic in 2020 after seeing the potential while scrolling through TikTok. On a mission to revolutionize accessible jewelry, Flaire combined affordability (all styles are $30 or less!) with quality pieces that were safe for sensitive skin.

Ingrid + Isabel

Ingrid + Isabel started from one simple and innovative clothing hack. While pregnant with her first child, Ingrid Carney found herself staring at her closet with nothing to wear. Reaching for her tube top, she pulled it up over her unbuttoned pants, and the beloved Bellaband was born. With the support of a community of other moms to give her feedback and encouragement, Ingrid’s prototype was perfected, and over twenty years later, Ingrid has built her simple idea into the largest maternity retail-sales brand in the US, sold at Nordstrom, Amazon, Bloomingdales, Madewell, Nuuly, and Target.

Kerisma Knits

Lihui Ke founded KERISMA Knits nearly 15 years ago alongside her father. Lihui grew up in a family full of seamstresses and inevitably found herself following in their footsteps. At the age of 7, Lihui moved from Wenzhou, China to Paris and then settled in New York five years later. Through Lihui’s trans-continental upbringing, she was able to produce unique designs to emerge through form, scale, material, and color exploration in the women’s knitwear industry.


Chriselle Lim launched the fine fragrance brand Phlur, which she acquired with beauty incubator The Center and relaunched in 2022. In March 2022, Phlur launched the scent Missing Person and through strategic social marketing campaigns, the fragrance sold out in just a few hours and amassed a waitlist of over 275,000. Phlur is currently available in all of Sephora’s 450+ stores across the United States and on and has recently launched in all of Selfridges’ 4 stores across the United Kingdom and on


Claudia Sulewski launched her very own body care line, CYKLAR, in October 2023. Claudia has been working on CYKLAR tirelessly for years — building a genderless, super clean and effective line of products equally focused on vessels and formulations that are better for you and the planet.


Iskra Lawrence is the founder of Saltair, a body and hair care line, plus the Self-Funding Planner, a tool she created to help people invest in themselves. A brand ambassador for both the National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA) as well as L’Oréal for The Prince’s Trust, Iskra has become “the millennial poster girl for positivity” (Harper’s Bazaar UK, 2018).Hailing from the UK, Iskra pursued professional modeling from a young age.

Future Society

Jasmina Aganovic built Arcaea, a biology-first beauty company that develops novel ingredients and product experiences and commercializing them across the value chain of the industry. Arcaea will grow new ingredients and product experiences for beauty through technology such as DNA sequencing, biological engineering, fermentation and more. By harnessing the power of biology, Arcaea is poised to produce highly sustainable products that can deliver new functionality and performance across skincare, body care, and haircare. Future Society is the first brand from Arcaea, debuting a collection of six fragrances that merge science, nature, and art – using the sequenced DNA of extinct flowers to create never-before-experienced fragrances formulated by the world’s most renowned perfumers

Make Beauty

Carrie Barber founded Make Beauty in 2013. It was one of the first beauty brands to communicate in a voice that felt human, celebrating community and individuality with authentic diversity and unique expression. Carrie continues to evolve MAKE, pushing the beauty brand forward into the next chapter of what beauty means. For her, that meant sustainability as the standard, utilizing cleaner and more effective ingredients, leaning into technology both in formulations and the digital experience, and playing with pigment again.

Sculpt Society

Megan Roup developed The Sculpt Society in 2017 as a unique method to inspire and empower others on their fitness journeys. Her philosophy emphasizes the importance of nurturing both body and mind, offering workouts that are enjoyable, effective, and accessible to everyone. In 2019, Megan launched The Sculpt Society App giving members easy access to sculpting and dance studio workouts wherever they are. Through her dedication and vision, Megan has created a community where everyone is welcome and encouraged to embrace their inner strength.

YSE Beauty

Molly Sims is the definition of a multi-hyphenate – mother of three, entrepreneur, actress, model, NYT bestselling author, host of the popular beauty podcast “Lipstick on the Rim,” producer and philanthropist – and now the founder of YSE Beauty. Pronounced “wise,” YSE Beauty is clinically tested targeting women with skin issues and hyperpigmentation, a condition Sims has suffered from for years. Sims perfected her holy grail skincare routine after two years of research and development — testing hundreds of formulations.

Naked Sundays

Samantha Brett found that 70% of millennials surveyed said they didn’t wear SPF everyday (Pollfish). Their top reasons? “It’s white”, “it’s sticky” and “it’s not good for the skin.” Samantha set out to change this perception of SPF, by creating a range of makeup-friendly, clean, vegan, paraben free SPF products that not only offer high impact SPF50+ protection, but are also skin-loving beauty products infused with native Australian vitamins, antioxidants and vegan collagen.

Andie Swim

Melanie Travis is the Founder and CEO of Andie Swim, a digitally native swimwear brand made for the modern woman. As a former employee of some of New York City’s most successful, tech-based startups, such as Kickstarter and Bark & Co, Melanie first dove into the swimwear business in 2017. Astonished by the lack of quality, versatility, and inclusivity of the industry, she got to work. Today, thanks to Melanie’s growing leadership, Andie has earned the love and support of many, selling over one million suits since its launch five years ago.

Honest Company

As the first Afro-Latina CEO of a U.S. publicly traded company, Carla Vernón brings a new era of leadership that reflects the diversity of Honest’s consumers while delivering the company’s core mission of inspiring everyone to love living consciously.


Jane Wurwand is a founder, author, and small business supporter whose advocacy for economic empowerment has earned her a platform at The United Nations, The White House, and at events worldwide. Wurwand is the Co-Founder and Chief Visionary of Dermalogica and The International Dermal Institute, game-changing brands that revolutionized the professional skin care industry. In 1986, Wurwand launched Dermalogica with 27 innovative product formulations free of common irritants found in competitors. Today, Dermalogica is the number one choice of skin professionals worldwide, known for its cult products and for  training more than 100,000 skin therapists per year. 


Dr. Kathrin Kathrin was previously an economist with the World Bank who was chronically tired and never slept before starting the brand with her retirement savings. Today, Bearaby is a booming wellness brand with more than $22M in revenue, 10 patents and a full suite of wellness products. 


Jenefer Pamer is the founder and formulator of OSEA (est 1996), a clean, results-driven, seaweed-based skin care line. She has over 35 years of spa industry and cosmetic formulation and development experience, exclusively in natural beauty. Jenefer started OSEA at her home in Malibu, California, but the story begins over a century ago. Jenefer’s family rituals laid the groundwork for what would become OSEA, with her great-grandmother Elsa turning to the sea for its healing powers in the 1920s. Fast forward, with the Malibu ocean as Jenefer’s laboratory in the 1990s, she began formulating products that were later launched at luxury spas around the world. In 2015, Jenefer’s daughter Melissa Palmer became OSEA’s first CEO, beginning the next chapter of rapid growth for this family-run company.


Zola is an online wedding company that has helped over 2M couples seamlessly plan their celebrations. Before launching Zola in 2013, co-founder and co-CEO Shan-Lyn Ma served as Chief Product Officer of Chloe + Isabel, a social commerce jewelry company. Prior to that, Shan was Gilt Groupe’s first Product Lead as well as Founder and General Manager of Gilt Taste, the brand’s food and wine division. While at Gilt, Shan was the youngest executive at the company. She holds a degree in Commerce with First Class Honours from the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia, and an MBA from Stanford University.


Decades before the “clean beauty” movement, Emilie Hoyte was inspired to take her cues from nature. As a young girl, Emilie suffered from debilitating migraines, sometimes so bad they would visually impair her sight. When medical experts were unable to provide relief, Emilie rolled up her sleeves, deciding to take her remedy into her own hands. Digging into extensive research, she became awakened to the idea that her personal care products were most likely the culprits behind her migraine activation. It was then that Emilie made it her life mission to make natural and safe products accessible to people looking to feel the very best they can in their own skin. Emilie channeled her passion for wellness and aromatherapy into LATHER, and opened the brand’s first store in Pasadena, CA in 1999.

Sweet Loren’s

Loren Castle is the Founder of Sweet Loren’s, a brand that came to life after a cancer diagnosis at the early age of 22. After learning she needed to eliminate all processed foods from her diet, she channeled all of her energy into building a healthy lifestyle – and ultimately one she could still enjoy. A year later, she was cancer free and realized her recipes (and her hero product of wholesome cookie dough) could help so many who wanted to still be able to enjoy life, but needed a clean diet. Now, Sweet Loren’s has grown from farmers market staple to fastest growing cookie dough on the market with over 25,000 doors across America.

Hedley & Bennett

Ellen Bennett is the founder and Chief Brand Officer of Hedley & Bennett, a Los Angeles based cookware company. A multi-hyphenate, Ellen is also an acclaimed Chef, designer, author, and mom. Half Mexican, half English, a passion for cooking led Ellen to Mexico City for culinary school at age 18. She returned to LA to cook professionally in some of the city’s best kitchens, including two-Michelin starred restaurant Providence, where she realized there was ample room for improvement in the standard kitchen work wear. Starting with only $300, Hedley & Bennett launched with a single apron, reimagining the kitchen staple with professional grade quality that was also stylish. Now, the 8-figure company has grown beyond its beloved apron collection to revamp even more kitchen essentials with pro-grade knives, kitchen linens, and more.


Dotti is founded by sisters Rachel Garbutt and Amanda Riva, who are reimagining home cleaning tools while disrupting a stale cleaning category. Dotti’s innovative cleaning tools are reviving the classics — like sponges and brooms — in a way that not only looks great, but feels great to use while being crafted from the highest quality, food grade materials. Dotti’s mission is to help people prioritize good cleaning habits and reduce the stress and anxiety associated with clutter. Research shows that every hour of weekly cleaning is associated with a 53% boost in overall happiness. With that in mind, $1 from every order will be donated to mental health research and programming.

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