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Mother’s Day – The Moms of the Momcozy Village Come Together

When Alicia Kwan gave birth to her firstborn during the height of the pandemic in 2020, she felt isolated and alone on the journey to new motherhood. Relocating from San Francisco to LA with just her husband, she was cut off from family and friend support systems that could nurture and guide her.

“Those early months were some of the darkest of my life. I loved my son more than anything, but the loneliness and anxiety was crushing at times,” Kwan recalled. “I just kept wondering how single moms or women without a partner do this? The old saying about it taking a village was never more apparent.”

It wasn’t until she discovered Momcozy’s online communities that Kwan started feeling less adrift and alone. She joined their Facebook group and found a judgment-free space to get the very advice and affirmation from experienced moms that she was so desperately craving. No topic was off-limits – from breastfeeding struggles to dealing with postpartum depression.

“Suddenly I had this village of women I’d never met understanding exactly what I was going through. They became my lifeline during those newborn days and nights when I felt so clueless,” she said. Kwan appreciated how the Momcozy communities didn’t sugarcoat the messy realities of new motherhood.

This Mother’s Day, that virtual village materialized into a real-life celebration when Kwan attended Momcozy’s “Momcozy Village” event in Los Angeles. She was among 35+ moms from all backgrounds who bonded over candid conversations in the plush event room,  Visited Momcozy’s top five scenes for moms, and supportive hugs from moms who simply got it.

A central focus of the event will be the pervasive phenomenon known as mom guilt.  Through engaging discussions and personal anecdotes, attendees will have the opportunity to delve into the origins and manifestations of this complex emotion.  The event organizers will encourage participants to share their own experiences with mom guilt, creating an atmosphere of empathy and understanding among the attendees.

“Looking around at all the mothers gathered together, I no longer felt so isolated and inadequate. Momcozy made me realize I wasn’t failing, I had just been missing my village,” Kwan said, beaming. “This event gave me that back in a big way.”

At the Mother’s Day village event, Kwan was able to meet some of those invaluable “mentors” face-to-face. From the lactation consultants providing hands-on pumping bra fittings to the raw testimonial videos from moms honestly recounting their breastfeeding journeys – it underscored how Momcozy created a space for women to embrace their lived realities.

“When you share those vulnerabilities, it opens the door for others to share theirs too. That’s how you start building a supportive village – through honesty and truth,” Chloe stated. She and her best mom friend Lance, who she met through Momcozy, flew in from Atlanta just to immerse themselves in the event experience. 

The Mother’s Day village celebration was a cathartic experience for these 35+ moms from different walks of life. But their common stories of finding belonging through Momcozy’s”mom village” initiatives unified them.

“We all left feeling like those mean mom friend memes – if you don’t have a mom tribe to vent to and get real af counsel from, can you even be a mother?” Chloe laughed. “Well, thanks to Momcozy and all the communities they’re building, we all have that tribe now. A tribe that shows up.”

As Chloe put it: “My village didn’t look like I thought it would, but it’s better. It’s chosen family.” These women were the embodiment of Momcozy’s vision – diverse moms banding together across the brand’s online groups, events, and platforms to lift each other up.

Momcozy embracing Self-Care and Conquering Mom Guilt” promises to be an enlightening and thought-provoking event that offers a fresh perspective on the realities of motherhood.  Through engaging activities and heartfelt discussions, attendees will gain a deeper understanding of their own needs as mothers and the challenges they face.  This event serves as a reminder that support can take many forms, and together, we can create a community that uplifts and empowers mothers.

The cozy warmth radiating among the moms throughout the event spoke to the connective power of Momcozy’s “Village” concept. No longer were they wandering the motherhood journey in isolation. This experience crystallized that they now move forward together as a tribe.

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