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Professional Organizer Gives Insight Into the Methods She Uses to Work with Businesses and Individuals

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Juliana Kathman, Professional Organizer and Founder of Organized by Juliana, is sharing the framework she uses to help people bring organization to their home or business offices, which gives them the ability to live free of clutter and conduct their professional lives more efficiently.

Juliana was trained by Barbara Hemphill, who has over 40 years in the organizing and productivity industry and has become a worldwide renowned figure on increasing productivity and peace of mind by helping people eliminate digital, physical, spiritual and emotional clutter.

“In the 40 plus years I have been in the organizing and productivity industry, the need for, and the possibilities available for eliminating physical, digital, emotional and spiritual clutter have never been more evident. I hope you will join us and invite the people you care about because together we are better,” says Hemphill.

Juliana Kathman
Mabyn Ludke photography
Juliana Kathman, Professional Organizer and Founder of Organized by Juliana Credits to: Mabyn Ludke photography

When Juliana begins working with her clients she presents them with the Office Transformation Blueprint™, which consists of three factors. One, uncover the essential principles for managing information in your office by focusing on just three key decisions. Two, gain insights into the six fundamental components that every office requires to achieve organization, productivity, and profitability. Three, learn how to streamline your decision-making process by using seven strategic questions to determine what should be retained and what can be discarded, saving both time and money in the process.

The process of getting rid of unimportant documents and keeping essential ones is known as the File-Act-Toss System™ within the Office Transformation Blueprint™. Juliana says when her clients start working through the File-Act-Toss system™  which is the decision making process with which you are able to organize your documents effectively, consisting of: “File” for items you’re unsure of discarding, “Act” for tasks requiring your immediate attention, and “Toss” for non-essential materials.

“It takes some time to get to the point where my clients can easily sort through the essential and non essential documents that can be thrown away, but once they do I’ve seen them go through huge stacks of paper in less than 20 minutes,” says Juliana. “All the work I do with my clients is meant to take them through a transformation process so they build organized routines that become habits.”

Once documents that need to be stored over time have been properly filed, Juliana uses a system, called the SwiftFile™, to help her clients categorize them so they can easily be found in a shared storing space where there may be a large number of documents kept.

By giving her clients the ability to stay organized, Juliana says it helps them avoid the stress of working at home with an office space that has become messy and filled with clutter. As Juliana continues to grow her business she aims to have the opportunity to speak at conferences, events and going into businesses to teach the organizational methods she uses to as many people as possible. With businesses she says there is a specific focus she can highlight that will help them through her organization ‘SYSTEM™’ as it increases productivity ‘Saving You Space, Time, Energy and Money™’.

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