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14 Sleepy Cats Who Are Totally Us Right Meow

We don’t know about you, but we think watching sleepy cats stretching is truly the “cat’s meow” of pet entertainment. Considering how many times our kitties have jostled us awake in the morning, it’s truly hysterical to see the tables turned when they for once have a tough time waking up. Take one look at the video above and see if it doesn’t remind you of yourself after hitting the snooze button.

From a sweet tabby cat struggling to get out of bed to a white feline finding it impossible to move from the couch, these sleepy cats stretching embody our mood just about every time Monday rolls around. We guess it’s not so surprising our precious pets feel a little “Mondayish” sometimes as well; heck, even the famous cartoon cat Garfield absolutely hated Mondays. That said, it’s hard to feel too bad for our kitties in situations like these. After all, a tough day in the life of a beloved pet would be a dream day for most humans we know.

The hardest decisions in a day for most of these cats probably go something like this: “Should I eat my breakfast, or turn my nose up at this unrefined mush? Should I head to the litter box, or is the floor an acceptable place to ‘go’? Should I allow my human to pet my belly, or is now a great time to show my claws?” Just imagine if they actually had to work, or take care of a family!

That’s why it’s so entertaining to watch these little furballs as they unsuccessfully attempt to greet the day. The tired cats know that they eventually need to get up so they can be fed, groomed, petted, and essentially have all their basic needs catered to by their dedicated owners. And yet they still can’t seem to find the strength to get up off the blanket, or the floor, or the windowsill (and of course, the list goes on, because cats can sleep pretty much wherever they want).

So go ahead, be amused by these sleepy cats stretching — just try not to get too jealous of them.

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