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5 Ways to Treat and Prevent Split Ends

Fight dryness and breakage — naturally.

Hair breakage is more likely to happen as we get older and our strands become dry and more brittle. Luckily, there are a few ways you can nourish your tresses and prevent splits ends from happening.

Over time, our bodies produce less collagen and natural oils that keep our skin and hair looking youthful. On top of that, if you color-treat your hair, frequently use heat-styling tools, or wash your hair too often, you could be drying your strands out and making them more prone to breakage.

No matter your age, split ends are pretty common, so it never hurts to take some preventative measures. Check out some simple ones you can start taking today below.

Detangle your hair.

Hair that is extra dry and tangled rubs together abrasively and can lead to more damage and split ends. To avoid the problem, make sure that you’re detangling your hair after washing it by brushing or combing the knots out. If you have straight or wavy hair, try to detangle once a day. This will also help stimulate your hair follicles! Make sure to be gentle because rough brushing can also cause abrasive damage to your tresses. If you’ve got naturally tangle-prone hair, use a quality detangling or leave-in-conditioning spray like this one from Flawless by Gabrielle Union ($9.99, Amazon).

Minimize heat-styling.

As mentioned, heat-styling can cause your hair to dry out and lead to split ends. To lower the risk, opt for heat-free styling. If you need to blow-dry your hair, try the cool setting as hot air causes more damage. If you’re going for a wavy look, try braiding your hair instead of using a curling iron.

If you insist on heat-styling your hair at times, it also helps to use heat-protectant products if you’re trying to avoid split ends. I love this argan oil heat protecting spray from Pura D’Or ($9.99, Amazon).

Use a silk pillowcase.

The materials your hair comes into contact with can also cause split ends and damage if they are abrasive. If you use a wool or cotton pillowcase, your hair rubbing against the material could be causing damage while you sleep. Switch to a silk pillowcase which is naturally smooth to keep your tresses safe.

Similarly, avoid using a towel to dry your hair after washing it. Instead, use an old t-shirt which is way less damaging!

Deep condition often.

Deep conditioning treatments can be super helpful for infusing your hair with much-needed moisture, which can prevent your ends from splitting. The best part is, you don’t have to spend a ton of money to do it. You can make your own hydrating hair masks at home with things you already have in your kitchen. My personal favorite is coconut oil.

Simply warm the coconut oil in the microwave or in a pot first (the warmth will help open the hair follicles to absorb more moisture). Then, saturate your hair with the warm coconut oil from root to tip, focusing on the ends. Leave the oil in your hair for at least 30 minutes. Sometimes I like to put it in a braid, leave it in overnight, and wash it out in the morning. However long you wait, wash as usual with shampoo afterwards. You may have to shampoo twice to get all of the oil out. For best results, do this twice a week!

Drink water and take collagen.

Another way to avoid the splits? Nourish your strands from the inside out. If your body is dehydrated, your hair will be too! Make sure that you’re drinking enough water on a daily basis (that’s half your weight in ounces!). You can also try adding more hydrating foods to your diet like cucumbers. Being more hydrated will boost your hair and skin health.

On top of that, collagen supplements may also help you grow stronger, healthier hair that can withstand damage. Your hair is made up mostly of a protein called keratin, and several amino acids necessary for keratin formation can be found in collagen. This may explain why hair grows thinner as we age and naturally produce less collagen.

Collagen is a vital nutrient that may help you build stronger hair and even contribute to younger-looking skin. Try adding one of these supplements to your routine, and see if you notice a difference!

There you have it. With these simple solutions you can start using today, dry strands and split ends don’t have to be such a bother. Here’s to strong, gorgeous locks!

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