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Control Blood Sugar, Boost Metabolism, and Lose Weight on the GOLO Diet

This is your key to metabolic health.

As the number of people diagnosed with conditions like diabetes continues to increase, it’s important now more than ever to pay attention to our blood sugar levels and weight as best we can. In 2016, the GOLO diet was one of the most searched on the web, and for a good reason: The doctors and researchers who created it assert that the eating plan can help you regain your metabolic health and keep sugar levels under control.

But what does metabolic health have to do with blood sugar? Well, according to the GOLO website, good metabolic health means a properly-functioning metabolism. A working metabolism not only helps you burn calories more efficiently, but it also affects your ability to transform nutrients into energy, your ability to synthesize protein, and it affects your hormones (like insulin and cortisol — the stress hormone). On the GOLO diet, its creators say that you can reset your metabolism in a way that helps you burn more calories, better digest nutrients, and balance hormone levels.

The GOLO diet focuses mainly on managing insulin levels through diet and exercise. According to its team of creators, this type of low-glycemic diet — a diet packed with foods that don’t cause blood sugar to spike — can promote healthier insulin levels and therefore assist weight loss. The GOLO diet website claims you can “eat more food and lose more weight [and] stay fuller longer without hunger and cravings,” because you can actually eat more calories on this diet than other, more restrictive plans. 

What to Eat on the GOLO Diet

The GOLO diet plans are available for purchase on the website, and there are three options to choose from — a 30- 60- and 90-day plan. When you order the plan, you’ll get a booklet called the GOLO Rescue Plan which contains food and recipe ideas to help you plan nutritious, balanced meals while on the diet. You’ll also get access to an online support community where you’ll find more recipe ideas and other motivational materials.

All in all, the GOLO diet suggests a combination of healthy diet choices and increased exercise, which is also considered an important part of managing blood sugar levels and metabolic health. The foods you’re encouraged to eat on the GOLO diet are natural whole foods that are rich in nutrients. One of the main parts of the diet is the GOLO Metabolic Fuel Matrix, which allows you to choose foods from four “fuel groups” — proteins, carbs, vegetables, and fats — for each meal. You’re allotted one to two servings of each fuel group per meal, and you eat three meals per day. 

Carb-rich foods that you can eat on the GOLO diet include fruit, squashes, potatoes, beans, and whole grains like brown rice. Proteins include lean proteins like eggs, poultry, seafood, and nuts. Some of the vegetables you’re encouraged to eat on the diet include leafy greens like spinach, broccoli, Brussel’s sprouts, cauliflower, celery, and zucchini. And lastly, healthy fats like olive oil, seeds like hemp seeds, flaxseeds, and chia seeds, coconut oil, and nuts are also suggested.

The main foods you should avoid on the GOLO diet are processed foods, which the diet creators say can disrupt your metabolic health. Just as well, you’re encouraged to stay away from fatty red meats, processed sugar and sugar-laden beverages, artificial sweeteners, and dairy.

GOLO Diet Supplements

Another major part of the GOLO diet is taking their self-created supplement. GOLO Release is a blend of plant extracts and minerals that are said to regulate blood sugar levels, reduce hunger and cravings, and increase energy. According to a few small studies that were conducted by the GOLO creators, the combination of the GOLO diet protocol along with taking GOLO Release helped subjects achieve more weight loss and blood sugar control by the end of each trial. Keep in mind, these studies were small and were conducted by the folks over at GOLO, which means they are subject to bias. GOLO Release costs $38 for 90 tablets, which can last between one and three months depending on how often you take them.

All in all, the GOLO diet could be an effective solution for managing your blood sugar levels, establishing good metabolic health, and losing weight. As always, get your doctor’s OK before trying any new plan. And for even more ways to manage your blood sugar levels, click here

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