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Weight Loss

This Meal Replacement Regimen Supports Effective Weight Loss

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Fad diets come and go. At any given time, one out of three women and one out of four men are on a diet.

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Unfortunately, two thirds of dieters regain the weight within one year, and virtually all regain the weight they lost within five years. This is called the yo-yo effect1..

Years ago, Hubertus Trouillé, a German holistic therapist, developed an effective formula to end the cycle of weight loss and gain.

Using just three natural nourishing ingredients, Trouillé developed a dietary supplement with an amino acid complex that treats and improves the body’s metabolism and thermogenesis (the process that converts food to heat or energy).

As opposed to supplements that simply suppress appetite, Trouillé’s patented formula increases the body’s metabolism, maintains muscle mass, and helps the body burn fat more effectively.

Americans aiming to transform their body will be glad to know this weight loss supplement, which became a phenomenon in Germany (where it was developed), is available in the U.S. It can be used as a weight loss regimen or a meal replacement, and it supports overall good health.

Research from the University of Edmonton 2 showed that even when used as little as once a day as a meal replacement, Almased stimulates fat-burning while actively fighting weight problems and insulin resistance.

When used as directed, Almased can help take excess pounds off — keep them off! — effectively ending the yo-yo cycle.


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How Amino Acids Work Wonders in the Body

According to Almased nutrition consultant Jamie Luu, RDN, LDN, the secret to this supplement’s weight loss superpowers is that it fuels the body with a unique complex of amino acids — including all nine essential amino acids (explained below) — that are crucial for maintaining good health and effective metabolism. These include:

1.      Histidine: Helps with cell regeneration

2.      Isoleucine: Regulates blood glucose levels

3.      Leucine: Prevents muscle loss and improves muscle gain

4.      Lysine: Helps with wound healing and exhibits antiviral effects

5.      Methionine: Improves immune function

6.      Threonine: Maintains gut integrity and function

7.       Tryptophan: Serves as a precursor for serotonin (a neurotransmitter
that controls mood and sleep)

8.      Phenylalanine: Affects mood and emotions

9.      Valine: Assists in making other amino acids, glutamine and alanine

My Bikini Emergency Plan At-A-Glance
First week: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

  • Replace all 3 meals with 8 tablespoons of Almased for each meal.
  • Drink as much vegetable broth as you like.

Second week and beyond: Breakfast and Dinner

  • 8 tablespoons of Almased (50g) in low-fat dairy or plant-based milk with 1 teaspoon cinnamon or unsweetened cocoa powder, if desired
  • Vegetables and salad with lean meat or fish.

Second week and beyond: Lunch

  • Vegetables and salad with lean meat or fish.

Follow Almased’s Diet Plan to help you achieve your health goals.

Download your free diet guide with instructions for the bikini emergency plan.
Available at most retail stores. Ask for Almased at a local health food store or pharmacy near you.

Consult with a doctor before beginning any meal replacement program.


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  2. Oliveira, C.L.P., et al., A high-protein total diet replacement increases energy expenditure and leads to negative fat balance in healthy, normal-weight adults. Am J Clin Nutr, 2021. 113(2): p. 476-487. Oliveira, C.L.P., et al., Consumption of a High-Protein Meal Replacement Leads to Higher Fat Oxidation, Suppression of Hunger, and Improved Metabolic Profile After an Exercise Session. Nutrients, 2021. 13(1).
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