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What Your Favorite Fall Flavor Says About You


The sweet tastes of autumn conjure up more than rumbling tummies and fond holiday memories. Tantalizing fall flavors can also reveal insights into your emotions and temperament! Whether you savor the flavor of pumpkin or can’t get enough maple syrup on your pancakes, the flavor that gets your mouth watering can tell you a lot about your “taste-bud truisms.” Read on to find out what they say. 

Maple Syrup

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Maple: You’re a Reflective Idealist

The sweeter the flavor, the sweeter the person. Being partial to this sugary taste is a strong indicator that you have a serene and sensitive nature. Whether you’re whipping up a stack of maple-drenched pancakes or taking in the changing foliage with pals, you know that the best moments in life are often the simplest.


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Pumpkin: You’re an Original Thinker

Everything about this fall staple, from its distinctive flavor to its fleeting seasonality, signals its uniqueness. It makes perfect sense, then, that folks who gravitate to the gourd tend to be creative. You love the blank canvas pumpkin represents for flexing your artistic chops and carving up a storm. 


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Apple: You’re a Bighearted Nurturer

Fall’s foremost fruit is more than, well, a fruit — it’s also a powerful symbol of the harvest and loving get togethers. Being drawn to such a homey flavor suggests that you’re a born nurturer and likely relish apple-picking as much for the bounty of ruby-hued gems you’ll collect as for the company you’ll keep while doing so. 



Cinnamon: You’re a Charming, Joyful Wit

Closely associated with the tasty treats of childhood (think French toast and cinnamon buns), this aromatic spice appeals to folks who’ve managed to preserve the best qualities of their youth: whimsy and playfulness. A true charmer, you’re happiest surrounded by your many friends and are always infusing your daily life with a healthy dose of fun.



Ginger: You’re a Sunny Free Spirit

Packing a bit of a kick, this spice appeals to a bold palate — and a bold person. You likely feel a rush of can-do energy when adventure beckons, be it taking a road trip or a hot-air balloon ride. 

This story originally appeared in our print magazine. 

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