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‘Youth Hormone’ Is a Real Thing — Here’s How to Get It Naturally

The Fountain of Youth is closer thank you think.


Wouldn’t it be great to stay sharp, strong and happy into your golden years? Optimizing levels of DHEA, a ‘fountain of youth’ hormone that drops by 60 percent by our 50s, helps replace fat with muscle, boost energy and lift spirits. Plus, research in Immuno-regulation suggests it shields against COVID complications too! To boost DHEA naturally, just…

Choose Popeye’s favorite

Tossing spinach into an omelet, smoothie or side dish shores up DHEA levels. The inexpensive veggie brims with magnesium, a mineral that helps the adrenal glands produce DHEA. And a study in Biological Trace Elements Research found that women who upped their intake of the mineral by 250 mg. (Buy at Amazon) daily for eight weeks saw a 27 percent boost in DHEA. Other foods sources include lima beans, sunflower seeds and dark chocolate.

Count your blessings

Jotting down three things that warm your heart each day, like an unexpected call from a friend or a hug from a family member, does more than remind you that you’re loved — it also tames DHEA-depleting stress. In fact, research conducted at the HeartMath Institute in Boulder Creek, California, found that folks who adopted a daily positivity practice increased their DHEA levels by 100 percent in four weeks.

Stroll through flowers

Love to meander through a park or garden? Smart move. A Dutch study found that women who walked for 10 minutes a day had DHEA levels 31 percent higher than their less-active counterparts, since exercise enhances the ability of the adrenal glands and liver to make the hormone. And Japanese scientists say being in nature boosts DHEA more than strolls in urban settings.

Try a safer supplement

While DHEA is available in supplement form, experts advise taking it only under a doctor’s supervision, since it can trigger side effects such as acne, facial hair growth and a potential increased risk of breast cancer. A safer bet: Vitamin D-3, which activates enzymes that are essential for peak production of DHEA. Indeed, a study in Nutrition & Food Science found taking 2,000 IUs of D-3 daily (Buy at Amazon) lifted DHEA levels 53 percent in eight weeks. 

This article originally appeared in our print magazineWoman’s World.

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