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What the Color of Your Front Door Color Says About You


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Knock, knock! Who’s there? Surprising clues about who you are! The color of your front door can not only boost your curb appeal and increase the value of your home (a 2018 Zillow study found that residences with black or charcoal front doors sold for $6,271 higher than expected), studies show that folks can form an impression of you after gazing at the color of your front door for just 10 seconds

So what does that impression say? It all depends on your front door hue of choice! We’ve rounded up six of the most common shades to give you some insight about what you’re telling the world when greet your guests. 

If you have a … 

Red Door

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Red Door: Bold Trailblazer

Passion, energy, vitality… crimson captures all of these dynamic qualities, announcing that you’re a spirited, exuberant force of nature. In fact, choosing to paint your entryway such a fiery, fearless hue suggests that you crave novelty and excitement. In short, you’re always opening the “door” to new adventures. To get the look, opt for an easy-to-clean semigloss finish, like this Farmhouse Red option from Behr Ultra HD (From $42.98, Home Depot). 

White Front Door

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White or Gray Door: Open-Minded Seeker

Like a blank canvas, a neutral entrance hints that you have nothing to hide and are an open book. Shunning clutter in all its forms (including mental clutter), you’re an organized, visionary thinker. After all, it takes more than a bit of foresight and attention to detail to keep a light-colored door pristine and picture-perfect! Make sure yours is in tip-top shape with Behr’s white acrylic blend (From $27.98, Home Depot). 

Blue Door

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Blue Door: Introspective Dreamer

Linked to the limitless sky and hope-inducing horizons, blue is practically synonymous with serenity. No wonder when people stare at your door, they subconsciously assume you’re poised and patient! Your home’s peaceful exterior likely reflects an interior design carefully curated for relaxation, from the calming candles perched on your mantel to the cool-colored decor that welcomes your visitors. A vibrant shade, like Behr Ultra’s Flashy Sapphire (From $42.98, Home Depot) should do the trick. 

Yellow Door

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Yellow Door: Spirited, Outgoing Socialista

This “golden gateway” showcases your sunny spirit and tells others they’ll be welcomed with open arms the minute they walk past your threshold. As comfortable hosting a laughter-filled game night with friends as you are a small, intimate get-together, you’re a social star and your door is almost always open. A few strokes of Glidden’s Festival Yellow exterior paint (from $24.96, Home Depot) from time to time will keep it that way.

Black Front Door

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Black or Brown Door: Discerning Sophisticate

Deep, saturated shades exude power and mystery. When walking or driving past your home, people are likely to be intrigued by the mystique such an entryway holds, leading them to infer that you’re strong and ambitious. A multitalented multitasker, you demand the best from yourself and are likely known for your decisiveness. Try a fresh, protective coat of Rust-Oleum’s enamel for the ultimate sheen (from $8.98, Home Depot). 

This story originally appeared in our print magazine. 

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