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Prosperity, Protection, and Positivity: Plants That Bring Wonderful Energy


It just makes sense: Surrounding yourself with fresh plants will improve your living situation. Even those of us without a green thumb can admit that it’s nice to grow (and at least try to keep alive) a few flowers and herbs. That said, if you’re trying to uplift a certain aspect of your life, you may be wondering what kind of energy certain types of plants can bring to your household. With that in mind, we did some digging for you. Hint: You can get a lot of mileage out of basil beyond using it in delicious recipes!

Whether you want your garden to flourish and need a little luck in that department, or you’re looking to improve positivity when things feel tense at home, take a look below to find out which plants can lift the energy of your entire household.

Plants for Happiness

happiness plants

All of these flowers are instant mood brighteners! A 2005 study from Rutgers University showed that orchids were especially effective at improving pleasure, happiness, and gratitude. Chrysanthemums and morning glories are ideal for soothing areas that are prone to arguments by replacing the negative energy there with positive vibes.

Plants for Health

health plants

The peace lily is the real power player here, as it works to clear the air of toxins that can help alleviate problems related to asthma, headaches, chronic illnesses, and certain cancers. Sage is easy to grow and can add an earthy aroma to your home. The bamboo gets its lucky name from feng shui, which believes the plant can add positive energy and wisdom to an area.

Plants for Love

love plants

Whether you’re angling to inject more kindness into your household or looking to attract someone, these plants are viable picks. The scent of jasmine is known to be a powerful aphrodisiac. Plus, orchids are an especially lovely choice because they not only promote romantic love, they’re also known to strengthen friendships! Meanwhile, basil has been a symbol of love dating all the way back to ancient Rome.

Plants for Luck

luck plants

Fans of sweet-smelling honeysuckle will be happy to know it’s also believed to give your home a lucky boost. On top of its romantic symbolism, basil is also one of the holy plants in Hinduism and is believed to help bring luck and wealth to homes. Jasmine’s aphrodisiac properties are believed to attract money into homes, too.

Plants for Prosperity

prosperity plants

The jade plant and spearmint are popular picks in the art of feng shui, making them a wonderful gift for someone starting a company or simply looking for wealth and good fortune. We all know aloe vera can help soothe our skin, but it’s also believed to fight off bad luck when grown in the home.

Plants for Protection

protection plants

Looking to ward off negativity? Sage has been renowned for its cleansing properties, both while it’s growing and when dried and burned in the practice of “smudging.” Having basil on hand can also help with adding a few leaves to a nice, relaxing bath that clenses your aura of negativity and damage. Honeysuckle is believed to protect against negative influences just by growing its beautiful buds. 

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