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Finding This Strange Coin Among Your Spare Change Could Make You Over $3,000


Did you find a strange-looking cent the last time you riffled through your spare change? Instead of tossing it aside, you may want to give it another look, because it could end up being valuable. In fact, you may be sitting on a $5 piece called a Capped Bust coin — and it could make you over $3,000 in one swoop.

First minted in 1807 in Philadelphia, the Capped Bust is an early American gold coin that features a side profile of Lady Liberty. It also contains 13 stars to symbolize the original 13 colonies in the United States, and the back of the cent has a bald eagle. The design and size were altered slightly in 1813, 1829, and 1834, but the coin largely stayed the same during that time. All told, less than 34,000 were ever in circulation, making it a rare coin for the era.

Just how much can you make if you happen upon one in your purse? A recent eBay bid saw an 1808/1809 coin go for over $3,400, though experts estimate that some uncirculated mints could be purchased at prices as high as $30,000. Talk about easy money! Additionally, some Capped Bust coins that were minted around 1809 have a particular flaw in them where the number “9” was fashioned out of an “8” at the minting press, making it appear crooked. It might seem like a strange quirk, but it could make it worth even more money. There’s nothing collectors love more than tiny idiosyncrasies.

The Capped Bust isn’t the only pricey cent that could be lurking in your midst. There are quarters out there that can make you a quick $600, as well as $1 coins worth over $10,000. All it takes it a little know-how, time, and patience, but you could be sitting on a gold mine and not even know it. It’s such a great opportunity to make a little extra cash!

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