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24 Girl Cat Names That Couldn’t Be More Purr-fect

You're sure to find the right one for your new kitty friend!

Welcoming a new kitty into your home? Congratulations! Now comes the fun part: picking a name for your furry friend. When it comes to girl cat names, it’s easy to get overwhelmed trying to find one that captures your pet’s personality, whether your princess loves being the center of attention or prefers snuggling by the window on a cozy day. The possibilities are endless! That’s why we’re here to help — read on for our top pick for girl cat names.

Cat names inspired by classics 

Of course, you can’t go wrong with the classic pretty and feminine pet names. Here are our top picks that never go out of style:

1. Bella   

Bella is an iconic girl cat name for a reason — in fact, it ranks as the #1 most popular name in the country. It can be short for Isabelle or Isabella or stand alone as a lovely and elegant name. It literally translates to “beautiful” in romance languages, so if you think your new cat is the most beautiful girl in the world, this might be the right name for her.  

2. Roxy 

Maybe your new Scottish fold is a bit of a diva. Roxy is a fun and spunky name that’s perfect for sassy cats. Roxy is a name all its own, but it can also be a cute nickname for Roxanne if you’re looking for a name with a couple of different options.  

3. Lulu 

The name Lulu appears in many different languages worldwide and often translates to “pearl” or “precious,” which is why it’s perfect for our favorite furry friends. Lulu is cute, pretty and matches well with playful and fun cats, like a Persian cat or a Tabby.  

4. Jinx 

Does your feline friend give off witch companion vibes? Jinx might just be the perfect name for her. Jinx is a name for a cat who is all about the magical, which is why we love this name for little black cats with green or yellow eyes.    

5. Marley 

Maybe you like a name that’s a little more enigmatic. If that’s the case, Marley is a good option. It’s a name for a funny cat who likes to play and maybe even adventure or explore, but it still has a touch of classic elegance.  

6. Tabitha 

Tabitha is a lovely name that often means “gracious” when translated, but that’s not the only reason we love it. Tabitha has many nicknames, including Tabby, Tibby, Tabs and even Topsy — some of the most classic and iconic cat names throughout history.  

Cat names inspired by nature 

If you love the great outdoors, nature names might be perfect for your new kitty. These are a few of our favorite picks for nature-loving pet parents.  

7. Luna 

Luna is the perfect name for a black or white cat since it translates to “moon” in many languages, including Spanish and Italian. In fact, Luna is the name of the ancient Roman goddess of the moon.

8. Daisy 

Is there any name cuter than Daisy? This lovely cat name is purrfect for kitties with joyful and playful personalities. It represents the fun and sunshine of a spring afternoon.

9. Stormy 

We can’t forget about our favorite gray kitties. No name is better for a cat with mixed gray, black and white fur than Stormy. If your cat is always waiting for the next opportunity to pounce, this is the name for her.  

10. Clover 

Like Daisy, Clover is a name for sweet and kindhearted cats. It’s a fun and unique Irish-inspired name that stands out and can easily be shortened to “Clo” for a cute nickname. 

11. Buttercup 

The only thing softer than a buttercup flower is a kitty’s fluffy belly, which is why we love this name for the new girl cat in your family. Buttercups are signs of spring, renewal and beauty.

12. Pumpkin 

You may have heard that orange cats are typically male, which is mostly true. Nearly 80% of all orange tabby cats are male — but what about that other 20%? Pumpkin is an adorable name perfect for your favorite ginger kitty.  

Cat names inspired by favorite characters 

What’s more fun than naming your cat after your favorite fictional characters or stars of your comfort TV show? These are just a few cute and creative fictional names you’ll want to consider for your kitty.  

13. Nala 

Nala is the queen of Pride Rock, which means this name is perfect for graceful, elegant and confident cats. And what’s more nostalgic than a throwback to the big cats of The Lion King?  

14. Winnie 

Winnie is a cute name on its own and is often short for Winnifred, but it’s made that much cuter as an homage to Winnie the Pooh. Our favorite bear is a kind, comfortable soul, which makes this a great name for the cute new furry friends you bring into your home.  

15. Salem 

If you love the idea of naming your cat after, well, another cat, Salem is the can’t-miss choice. Salem is the hilarious talking cat from Sabrina the Teenage Witch, and it’s the name to beat if you have a black cat with a sassy personality. Of course, if you’re looking for another supernatural name to try out, you can’t go wrong with Buffy, Sabrina or Glinda. 

16. Crookshanks   

You have many Harry Potter names to pick from when it comes to your new cat, but what’s better than Crookshanks, the fluffy orange cat that saves the day in The Prisoner of Azkaban? Other Harry Potter names to consider are Hedwig, Hermione, Minerva or Fleur.   

17. Tinker Bell 

You can’t go wrong with another Disney cat name. Tinkerbell is the sassy fairy friend from Peter Pan, and this name is perfect for cats that love to be the center of attention. It’s easy to find cute nicknames as well, like Tink and Bella.  

18. Kiki and Jiji 

Another fun fictional cat is Jiji from the Japanese film Kiki’s Delivery Service. Kiki and Jiji make for the perfect set of names if you’re bringing two cats home.

Cat names inspired by favorite foods 

Sweet cats deserve sweet names, and there’s nothing sweeter than, well, sweets. These are some of our top food-themed names for your favorite new kitties. 

19. Coco 

Brown cats are surprisingly rare — and extremely cute — but if you’re lucky enough to take home a brown kitten, a cozy name like Coco is perfect.

20. Oreo 

Maybe you’ve adopted a tuxedo cat or another cat with black and white markings. Why not name her after your favorite sandwich cookie, the Oreo? This name showcases just how sweet your new kitty really is.  

21. Peanut 

Peanut is just one of those fun and adorable names that feel familiar and unique all at once. Even full-grown cats are still pretty small, and the name Peanut is perfect for nicknames.

22. Pepper 

Your new cat may have a spicy personality. In that case, you can’t go wrong with the name Pepper. Pepper is cute for black cats since peppercorns are typically black, but it’s also fun to highlight your cat’s personality. 

23. Biscuit 

Biscuit is a classic pet name for a reason — it’s super cute. Biscuits are warm and comforting, just like your new cuddly kitty.

24. Marshmallow           

Marshmallows are white and fluffy, which makes this name perfect for the cutest white, fluffy kittens. 

Love at First Meow  

Cat owners know the perfect name is often a starting point for silly nicknames and songs. Consider the nicknames you’ll want to call your new kitten and their personality, traits and behaviors before picking the perfect name. You may even want to try it on for a few days and see if it’s a good fit.

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