13 Recliners That Are Perfect for Napping — Or Sleeping All Night Long


Finding the best recliners for sleeping is not a want but a need for some people. Whether it’s due to back pain or health conditions like sleep apnea, sometimes sleeping in your bed just isn’t an option. It’s important to have a good recliner you can rely on for nights like these. But what are the best recliners for sleep, and should you be sleeping on them in the first place? Let’s break it down. 

Is it bad to sleep on recliners? 

Plenty of us are guilty of falling asleep on our recliners after staying up a little too late watching our favorite movie or getting lost in a good book. And we’ve all heard that sleeping on the couch isn’t the best thing for you — but what about recliners? Is it OK to sleep on a recliner? 

Like anything, there are pros and cons. On one hand, recliners can be a godsend for those who have trouble sleeping in traditional beds due to problems like back pain, sleep apnea, GERD, and circulation issues, to name a few. In fact, sometimes doctors recommend sleeping on a recliner. 

In one study, doctors found that patients who slept on recliners during their recovery from surgery recuperated faster than those in traditional hospital beds and reported fewer negative side effects, leading to a change in recommendation. 

But wait — if doctors are practically prescribing recliner-sleeping to patients when their bodies are most delicate, what are the cons? Well, it usually comes down to the quality of your recliner. Chairs that are worn out and can no longer support your body adequately can cause back pain and circulation issues. In the end, as long as you’re listening to your body, consulting with your doctor, and sleeping on a supportive recliner, you’ll get the quality sleep you need. 

Best Recliners for Sleep

The Best Recliners for Sleep

We know that shopping for furniture online can be a bit nerve-racking, so we took the time to round up some of the best-reviewed recliners around to put your mind (and body) at ease. If you’re on the hunt for an option that’s perfect for those with mobility issues, like elderly family members, consider a power lift recliner that will help users stand up little bit easier. Keep scrolling to shop Woman’s World’s picks for the best recliners for sleep so you get the rest you need today. 

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