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‘When Calls the Heart’ Season 10: Catch Up on All the Romance, Drama, Twists and Secrets

Everything you need to know before you return to Hope Valley on July 30

The residents of Hope Valley are finally back in The Hallmark Channel’s hit series When Calls the Heart season 10 starting on July 30. Fans fell in love with the show’s feel-good stories following Elizabeth Thatcher (Erin Krakow), a young teacher from a privileged background thrown into a new world in the small Western Canadian town. As Elizabeth’s storyline evolves viewers got to know the townsfolk, get wrapped up in all the small-town drama and feel like a resident of Hope Valley themselves…which is why it’s been going strong since 2014.

Inspired by Janette Oke’s book of the same name from her Canadian West series, and developed by Michael Landon Jr. (son of Little House on the Prairie star Michael Landon), the series was a spin off from a two-hour 2013 television movie, starring Maggie Grace as the young teacher. The movie was such a success that it was transformed into the series we know and love with an outstanding ensemble cast. 

Read on for a recap of the first 9 seasons, get acquainted with the cast and find out what new drama to expect in When Calls the Heart season 10!

When Calls the Heart Cast, Season 10
Townsfolk of Hope Valley, Season 10David Dolsen/Hallmark

When Calls The Heart season 10 cast

The actors and actresses who tell this story work hard to take it from the page and onto our screens. Here are the faces you should see in When Calls The Heart (aka WCTH) season 10.

*Beware of spoilers ahead*

Erin Krakow as Elizabeth Thornton

Erin Krakow as Elizabeth Thornton When Calls the Heart season 10

Elizabeth Thornton, played by Erin Krakow, is a teacher who leaves her wealthy family and big city life behind to go teach out west in the tiny town of Hope Valley. It’s there that she finds love, friendship and community in those around her. WCTH isn’t the only Hallmark project Krakow has been involved in, having just starred in The Wedding Cottage.

“I think it’s really exciting to see all of the ways that Hallmark is growing and making change in their programming, in movies and the series world. They’re continuing to evolve, of course, in really positive ways,” she told ET.

Pascale Hutton as Rosemary Coulter

Pascale Hutton as Rosemary Coulter When Calls the Heart season 10
Pascale Hutton as Rosemary CoulterDavid Dolsen/Hallmark

Pascale Hutton plays Rosemary, who runs the town paper as the editor-in-chief. While her initial efforts in Hope Valley were to win the heart of Jack, she comes to respect the relationship between he and Elizabeth and becomes a close, trusted friend to her when he passes.

Jack Wagner as Bill Avery

Jack Wagner as Bill Avery  When Calls the Heart season 10
Eike Schroter/Crown Media United States LLC

Bill Avery, played by Jack Wagner, first comes onto the scene in season 1 when he begins investigating the coal mine explosion. During his time in Hope Valley, he finds himself involved in some romance, new business ventures, and relationships that blossomed over time.

Wagner spoke with Parade about his work on the show: “I love period pieces. When you get the wardrobe, everything, I think it always helps actors to feel a little different. There’s a certain etiquette and properness about this period. A sophistication.”

Kavan Smith as Leland Coulter

Kavan Smith as Leland Coulter
Ricardo Hubbs/Crown Media United States LLC

Leland Coulter, played by Kavan Smith, is the husband of Rosemary and owner of the very successful sawmill. He and his business become a pillar of the community in the wake of the coal mine explosion.

Chris McNally as Lucas Bouchard

Chris McNally as Lucas Bouchard When Calls the Heart season 10
Chris McNally as Lucas BouchardCrown Media United States LLC

Lucas Bouchard, played by Chris McNally, comes to town and purchases the local saloon, renaming it the Queen of Hearts Saloon. He is initially met with skepticism as the townspeople are suspicious of his motives and backstory, but he comes to earn their trust.

Kevin McGarry as Nathan Grant

Kevin McGarry as Nathan Grant
Kevin McGarry as Nathan GrantDavid Dolsen/Crown Media United States LLC

Nathan Grant, played by Kevin McGarry, arrived in season 6 of When Calls the Heart as the new mountie. He is another one of Elizabeth’s male suitors.

Andrea Brooks as Faith Carter

Andrea Brooks as Faith Carter
Andrea Brooks as Faith CarterCrown Media United States LLC

Faith Carter, played by Andrea Brooks, initially starts out as the nurse of Thomas Thornton, and returns to Hope Valley to visit her other patient, Lee.

Martin Cummins as Henry Gowen

Martin Cummins as Henry Gowen

Henry Gowen, played by Martin Cummins, serves as the main antagonist of the series. He is the manager of the mine, and after the explosion kills 46 people, he disregards the needs of their families and the remaining residents to prioritize his own interests. There are times, however, when he shows his softer side, such as during his interactions with the children of the orphanage.

Kayla Wallace as Fiona Miller

David Dolsen/Crown Media United States LLC

Fiona Miller, played by Kayla Wallace, works for the telephone company. She arrives in Hope Valley to install telephone lines, but when she was let go, she stayed and bought the local barbershop.

Viv Leacock as Joseph Canfield

Viv Leacock as Joseph Canfield

Joseph Canfield, played by Viv Leacock, leads his family into town as they look for a fresh start.

“What’s most important to me is that people can get a sense that they are represented. I’ve grown up watching shows where I didn’t necessarily see someone that looked like me included in a storyline. And while I still love the show, it does have an effect,” he told ET. “There’s a huge responsibility attached to [providing that representation], and we want to make sure that it was done properly.”

Amanda Wong as Mei Sou

Amanda Wong as Mei Sou
Sven Boecker/Hallmark Media

Mei Sou, played by Amanda Wong, arrives to Hope Valley under unusual circumstances: dressed as a man and on the run from someone who she wasn’t romantically interested in. This man, Geoffrey Lewis, claimed Mei abandoned him and ordered her to be arrested. She leaves Hope Valley to attend a court case brought upon her by Geoffrey, but eventually does return.

Natasha Burnett as Minnie Canfield

Natasha Burnett as Minnie Canfield

Minnie Canfield, played by Natasha Burnett, is the wife of Joseph Canfield and mother to Angela and Joseph. She works at Abigail’s Cafe and is very protective over her family and their well-being.

Ben Rosenbaum as Mike Hickam

Ben Rosenbaum as Mike Hickam When Calls the Heart season 10
David Dolsen/Hallmark Media

Mike, played by Ben Rosenbaum, is the mayor of Hope Valley. While he struggled in this role at first, he comes to learn how to be a better leader as time goes on. After all, he was elected into the position by the townspeople, who valued his character and kind nature.

Paul Greene as Carson Shepherd

Paul Greene as Carson Shepherd When Calls the Heart season 10
David Dolsen/Crown Media United States LLC

Carson Shepherd, played by Paul Greene, begins his time in Hope Valley working on the railroad, but when he gets injured, he takes a job at Abigail’s Cafe. Eventually, we learn that he used to be a doctor, and he comes to take on the role of the town doctor.

Eva Bourne as Clara Flynn

Eva Bourne as Clara Flynn When Calls the Heart season 10
Crown Media United States LLC

Clara Flynn, played by Eva Bourne, was introduced early on when her husband of two days was one of the 46 men killed in the coal mine collapse. From that point on, she is a fixture in the town, working at Abigail’s Cafe, Dottie’s Fine Apparel, The Queen of Hearts and the barbershop.

Aren Buchholz as Jesse Flynn

Aren Buchholz as Jesse Flynn
Crown Media United States LLC

Jesse Flynn, played by Aren Buchholz, is the love interest of Clara Flynn. He works at the sawmill and eventually marries Clara, but their relationship got rocky as he drained their savings and lost it all in a deal.

Recap of When Calls The Heart seasons 1-9

*Spoilers ahead*

James Brolin, Daniel Lissing, Erin Krakow, Lori Loughlin and Jack Wagner, Season 1
James Brolin, Daniel Lissing, Erin Krakow, Lori Loughlin and Jack Wagner, Season 1Eike Schroter/Crown Media United States, LLC

Season 1

Our last visit to Hope Valley was in May of 2022, but in order to understand the full magnitude of When Calls the Heart, it’s best to start from the very beginning. Elizabeth Thatcher leaves big city life behind to go teach in a Canadian frontier town, but faces challenges and tragedies upon her arrival when a mining incident takes place. Elizabeth forms close bonds with many of the newly widowed women in town, including Abigail (Lori Loughlin, who starred from 2014-2019). Loughlin and her character were written out after the 2019 season due to the college admissions scandal. Elizabeth also explores the possibility of romance with Constable Jack Thornton (Daniel Lissing).

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Season 2

Jack Wagner, Lori Loughlin, Erin Krakow and Daniel Lissing, Season 2
Jack Wagner, Lori Loughlin, Erin Krakow and Daniel Lissing, Season 2Eike Schroter/Crown Media United States, LLC

 When season 2 opens, we find Elizabeth and Jack getting closer after their first kiss, but she also finds herself getting closer to Charles (Marcus Rosner), which only complicates her life.  Abigail finds something about Bill that has the possibility of putting their relationship on ice. The entirety of Season 2 reveals Hope Valley’s residents dealing with friendship and romances, fights and breakups, while a scam artist in the form of a new Reverend is introduced.

Season 3

Loretta Walsh, Erica Carroll, Lori Loughlin, Erin Krakow, Pascale Hutton, Mark Humphrey, Kavan Smith, and Daniel Lissing, Season 3
Rosemary and Leland’s wedding, Season 3Eike Schroter/Crown Media United States, LLC

Season 3 aired from December 2015 to April 2016 with 9 episodes. It begins with a fresh start for Jack and Elizabeth while a surprise guest enters Hope Valley for Abigail.  An adventure awaits Rosemary and Lee. New beginnings for Hope Valley makes this season very dramatic.  As we see in Episode 9, the strength of the town is tested after a landslide puts one of Hope Valley’s own in grave danger.

Season 4

Lori Loughlin, Carter Ryan Evancic, and Paul Greene, Season 4
Lori Loughlin, Carter Ryan Evancic, and Paul Greene, Season 4Ricardo Hubbs/Crown Media United States LLC

Season 4 aired on Christmas Day 2016 with timely lessons taught about joy and giving when a peddler comes to Hope Valley selling the townspeople his wares. Following the holiday episode, the fourth season opens with Abigail starting her job as mayor of Hope Valley. The townspeople inundate Abigail with many small requests, so Ray Wyatt suggests a new train route to help bring new people and business into town. Throughout the season, the effects of the railroad construction start to show themselves in the form of new workforce coming into Hope Valley and some locals becoming skeptical about the unfamiliar people. A few fresh faces are introduced this season.  Meanwhile, Jack and Elizabeth’s love grows even stronger as their passions are tested more than once.

Season 5

Lori Loughlin and Erin Krakow, Season 5
Lori Loughlin and Erin Krakow, Season 5Ricardo Hubbs/Crown Media United States LLC

Season 5 reveals Elizabeth still working as a teacher while waiting for Jack’s return and anticipating their upcoming wedding. Abigail and Lee (Kavan Smith) are both dealing with the town’s finances while Julie (Charlotte Hegele) decides to become a teacher.  Bill is forced to keep an eye out for Gowen (Martin Cummins) who has plans to become mayor again.  A disease spreads rapidly in Hope Valley and not everyone can be saved.  The season finale reveals Jack’s death (after actor Daniel Lissing left the show due to personal reasons).

Seasons 6 through 9

After Jack’s death, Elizabeth began to move on and had a flirtation with Lucas Bouchard (Chris McNally) and Mountie Nathan Grant (Kevin McGarry). Lucas is a newcomer to Hope Valley, but Bill and Abigail are skeptical of his motives. Bill takes it upon himself to investigate. In the season 7 opener, Christmas is approaching and Elizabeth prepares for Little Jack’s first Christmas and birthday surrounded by her closest friends. Her heart is still longing for Jack. Elizabeth is trying to come to terms with how she feels about Nathan and Lucas. 

Season 9 ended with Elizabeth accepting Lucas’s proposal. Rosemary and Lee were prepping their home and lifestyle for their new addition and a new family, the Canfields, buy Gowen’s cabin and Faith returns from medical school.

Jack Wagner, Erin Krakow, Kayla Wallace, and Ben Rosenbaum, Season 9
Jack Wagner, Erin Krakow, Kayla Wallace and Ben Rosenbaum, Season 9David Dolsen/Crown Media United States LLC

 What can we expect from When Calls the Heart season 10?

Krakow gave Entertainment Tonight a sneak preview of what’s to come.  “Season 10 is packed!  We are truly leveling up the experience. We are bringing in lots of exciting guest stars. We don’t know if they are good guys or bad guys.  We have family visits, we have musical episodes. There’s some singing. There’s a tourist destination – this hot springs in town. There’s a lot of romance. There’s a new baby. It’s a momentous season, as it should be in season 10.” 

Also included in this season is the celebration of the show’s 100th episode.  “We are so excited for all the viewers, especially the Hearties, to continue this journey with us.  I’m feeling very grateful and really happy,” Krakow told Hello! Magazine.  “I’m excited to get to spend more time in Hope Valley with all of these people I really care about.” 

Fans have always greeted newcomers with open arms.  And this season, while everyone will be excited about Rosemary and Lee’s baby, there will be more new faces in Hope Valley.  “I know people are anxious for Nathan to find love,” Krakow revealed to TV Fanatic

Lucas and Elizabeth WCTH
Chris McNally and Erin Krakow, Season 10

“Lucas and Elizabeth are continuing to explore their relationship and the various challenges that come with it.  “I can say that in true Lucas fashion, he sets up a very elegant date night for them.”  For Elizabeth’s upcoming wedding, there are episodes leading up to the I-dos. “There is cake tasting and invitations, talk of dress designs,” Krakow mentioned to ET.  But she also hints that it’s not all roses for the couple.  “Elizabeth has some emotional hurdles that she has to overcome.” 

One thing fans will get to see is the musical aspect of the Hope Valley residents. Since the Facebook Live event three years ago, the WCTH cast has wished for a musical episode. Could a Hope Valley resident be singing at Elizabeth and Lucas’ wedding? Or maybe a lullaby for the baby due this season? One thing is for sure, wedding bells will be ringing in real life for co-stars Kevin McGarry and Kayla Wallace who announced their engagement via a joint Instagram post a few days before Christmas last year. 

Besides romance and babies, there are also some serious plotlines in When Calls the Heart season 10.  “There’s a bit of life-or-death situation,” says Krakow to ET.  “It gets a little dicey for a second,” she recalled, but she was able to confirm that nobody dies due to the situation.    

The first episode of Season 10 is titled “Carpe Diem,” and while Hope Valley will be seizing the day, Krakow hopes fans will seize the season. “This season will be a roller-coaster.”

Where can I watch?

Tune in on July 30 at 9/8c on The Hallmark Channel (check local listings).

Will there be a When Calls the Heart Season 11?

After finishing When Calls the Heart season 10, fans will be delighted to know that Hallmark has already given the greenlight for season 11. And we can’t wait to see what is in store.

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