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What Your Gratitude Style Says About You


Thanksgiving is a time to give thanks and express your gratitude for all of the amazing things life has to offer, but how you choose to do so says a lot about you  The unique way you show how grateful you are for life’s most precious gifs not only has benefits for your mind and body, it reveals clues about your innermost traits!  Read on to find out what you’re saying to the world with your gratitude style.

Joy Journaling: You’re a Focused Visionary

You don’t simply savor moments of gratitude — you immortalize them in your journal. Such attention to the present moment actually hints at how forward-thinking you are, because you know that the memories of tomorrow are born today. You’re incredibly detail-oriented (a trait that can be seen in every thoughtful pen stroke you make), and your thankfulness ritual is making you even brainier, as journaling is shown to sharpen focus and memory.

Volunteering: You’re a Determined Optimist

Equal parts idealistic and hardworking, you love rolling up your sleeves to help build a better world — one local project at a time. Showing gratitude by giving back to your community not only makes you feel good, it’s shown to slash disease-causing stress and add healthy years to your life. 

Sharing Random Acts of Kindness: You’re a Born Leader

From allowing someone to cut ahead of you in line at the grocery store to simply complimenting a co-worker on her new haircut, you’re always showing others warmth and compassion. Sociable and charming, you’re more than comfortable taking the helm both personally and professionally. Such spontaneous generosity toward strangers comes without any expectation of reciprocity and is shown to boost your confidence and self-esteem. 

Expressing Thanks Aloud: You’re a Stress-Proof Nurturer

You enjoy profound bonds with loved ones, and it’s no wonder: After all, when we hear ourselves put our feelings into words, our emotions deepen and become more “real.” Whether you’re saying grace or simply telling your family about this year’s blessings, giving voice to your gratitude is proven to increase your self-worth. 

Practicing Mindfulness: You’re a Perceptive Intellectual

You epitomize the word “mindful,” as you’re an impressively deep thinker. Your mindfulness ritual, be it taking time to focus on your breaths or finding a quiet space to pray, is both deeply personal and incredibly “worldly,” as it helps you feel more connected to those around you. It’s also beneficial for your health, as mindfulness may alleviate menopause symptoms. Who knew?

This story originally appeared in our print magazine. 

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