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These Genius Tricks Will Make Your Smartphone Louder — No Speakers Needed

Cardboard tubes, chip containers and glass cups work too!

Sometimes no matter how high you put the volume on your phone, it’s just not loud enough. Sure, Bluetooth speakers could help, but sometimes they’re not an option. That’s why we turned to the experts for their easy tricks to fix the issue! Keep reading for expert tips on how to make your phone louder both in the device’s settings and with some homemade speakers. 

How to make your phone louder: First try this

If you have an Iphone

There are many times you’re in a pinch and need your phone to be louder, but you don’t have a speaker or amplifier with you. The good news is, there are settings on your phone besides the actual volume button that can help, explains Noell Jett, author of Create Your Dream Home on a Budget and the force behind @jettsetfarmhouse. “Go to settings, then Music, then EQ, and select Late Night.” By turning this on, your phones settings will naturally increase the volume and enhance the audio quality. “I’ve found that sometimes this is enough to help amplify the sound in a room.”

How to make your phone louder phone instructions

If you have an Android

For Androids, the settings will look a little different. To start, press the settings button and then select the sound and vibration tab. From there, click the volume tab and this will take you to the settings for things like media, calls, rings and notifications. Then, click the “volume,” then “media volume limit.” Make sure it is turned on and then increase the custom volume limit. This will increase your phone’s settings and make the music you want to listen to a lot louder.

To see this trick in action, watch the TikTok from @kagantech below!

5 ways to make your phone louder with things you have at home

1. How to make your phone louder: Use a paper towel roll 

How to make your phone louder in a cardboard tubes

“Take an empty toilet paper tube, cut an opening for your phone in the top and slide it in, speaker-side down,” explains Sara McDaniel, an interior designer, home renovation expert and owner of Simply Southern Cottage.  “I used this until I bought a small speaker, and it really does work to amplify the sound,” she assures. To make it work even better? Grab two red party cups, make openings on the side and slide one on each side of the tube, cup top facing out.

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Watch the @RachaelRayShow video below to see how well it works:

2. Put it in a bowl 

How to make your phone louder in a bowl

Just place your phone in a ceramic soup bowl and set it wherever you want to listen. The bowl’s contours cause the phone’s sound waves to bounce around, up the sides and out, amplifying the volume!

3. How to make your phone louder: Position it upside down

Female hand using smartphone with blank screen.

This one might seem a little silly, but it actually works really well! Since your phone’s speaker is on the bottom of the phone, simply turning it upside down so the speaker is right side up works wonders. Just make sure to prop it up against something so it doesn’t fall over. 

4. Place it in a glass cup

glass on a white background

“Find a glass that is big enough that you can set your phone inside of it. Place your phone in, speaker side down,” Jett explains. The sound will reverberate inside the glass and become amplified so everyone can hear it. “Just make sure the glass you are using is sturdy enough to hold your phone so it won’t fall over, causing your phone to take a spill and possibly crack,” she warns. 

5. How to make your phone louder: Grab an empty chip canister 

How to make your phone louder in a chip holder

Similar to the paper towel roll, an empty chip canister works wonders when making a DIY speaker. Just cut a hole in the middle of the canister to place your cell phone in and cue up your favorite song. The tube’s curricular opens will amplify the sound and make it so the whole house can hear. Just make sure to clean out all the chips before. 

How to clean the speaker to help make your phone louder

Another key part of making your speaker louder is to make sure it is clean. “Use a soft-bristled brush to remove dirt particles that could be blocking sound,” Jett recommends. “If you have water in your speakers affecting the volume, YouTube has videos that play tones that actually help eliminate water from speakers so they will emit sound more clearly.”  

This YouTube video can help:

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