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Aquarius and Sagittarius Compatibility in Love and Friendship

These two free-spirited signs are sure to hit it off right from the start.

The world would probably be a lot simpler if we could all get along, but the truth is that some astrological pairings are doomed from the start. For example: Water sign Cancer with fire sign Aries? That’s a one-way ticket to the land of No One Is Happy. Leo and Taurus? More like Loathing and Tension. 

Other pairings are just…. Eh. They might hit it off and strike up a relationship, or they might feel mutually ambivalent about each other and remain acquaintances forever, the odds are 50/50 either way. After all, we can’t be friends with everyone (much as Leo and Libra wish we could). 

But every once in a while we get to experience the magic of a truly blissful union – the kind of friendship or romance that makes you believe in fate again. You feel like you’ve known each other forever even though you just met, and understand each other on a deeper level right off the bat. I’m talking about matches like Taurus and Cancer, Libra, and Gemini, and – the relationship I really want to dive into today, since Sag season is coming up – Aquarius and Sagittarius. 

Keep reading to learn what makes these two so compatible in love and friendship. 

All About Aquarius

Born between January 20 and February 18, Aquarius is represented by the Water Bearer, a human figure pouring out a jug of water. Thanks to this iconography (and the fact that the prefix of their name is “aqua”), many people assume Aquarius is a water sign. In reality, this dynamic and spirited sign is an air sign. 

If you dig into astrology a little bit, you’ll realize that the element of air makes a lot more sense for these hyper-independent innovators. Being an air sign is all about the mind, and all three air signs tend to be intellectual, highly inquisitive, and constantly planning their next move, whether it’s a dinner party they want to throw (Libra) or a revolution they want to spearhead (Aquarius). 

In fact, you can think of Aquarius as the firebrand of the zodiac. Picture that woman you know who’s constantly rocking the coolest off-beat looks, or your friend who’s always sending you petitions to sign or inviting you to come sit in on town hall meetings. Chances are, she’s an Aquarius. 

But unlike Aries or Scorpio, whose rebellious attitude is often driven by a desire for excitement or vengeance, Aquarians are motivated by more humanitarian ideals. They have both a need for a strong community and a strong belief in their own ability to enact change. Add in a bit of a stubborn streak and you have a recipe for classic Aquarius: dedicated to finding solutions, building better communities, and rallying those around them to their cause du jour. 

What About Sagittarius? 

Alright, we’ve discussed the basics of Aquarius – what about Sag? Here’s your first clue into what makes these two such a dynamic duo: Sagittarius is a fire sign, meaning they need air sign energy the same way a fire needs oxygen to keep burning. These bold and boundless explorers absolutely thrive off of discovering new things, whether that be as simple as finding a new favorite author or as exotic as traveling to a far-flung land. And more often than not, they can count on curious and lively Aquarius to bring them the adventure they seek. 

Perhaps one reason Sagittarius is so fearless is because they’re ruled by Jupiter, the planet that represents abundance, fortune, and generosity. In Greek and Roman mythology, Jupiter was the king of the gods, and Sagittarians tend to have a similarly innate sense of power and good luck. Rather than get tied down in the details, these fire signs prefer to think big-picture and take leaps based more on faith and intuition than planning. And more often than not, these leaps lead to big payoffs. 

Because they are interested in so much and want to do everything, Sagittarians tend to have wide-ranging groups of friends and hobbies. They have absolutely zero filter and are willing to try anything once. Unfortunately, this habit can occasionally get them into trouble. Outsiders may find Sag a bit flighty, unreliable, or arrogant, and even those in their inner circle may get a bit fed up with their capriciousness every once in a while. 

Aquarius and Sagittarius Compatibility in Friendship

As big-picture thinkers with a shared taste for adventure and innovation, Sagittarius and Aquarius tend to get along well right off the bat. They see eye-to-eye on issues and are usually in tune with each other’s motivations. 

When Aquarius wants to build an acre-large communal garden for the neighborhood, for example, Sagittarius is the first one to sign up to help. When Sag decides to take up jiu-jitsu or fencing at the age of 50, who’s the first one to support and believe in them? Aquarius. 

What this means for my Aquarius and Sagittarius readers is that, if you’re lucky enough to find each other, you have a built-in confidante and cheerleader, and a friendship that will likely last for life. While Sagittarius’s free-roaming personality might scare off other potential friends, Aquarius will thrive off the optimism and adventure they naturally exude. In turn, Aquarius’s off-beat tendencies feed Sag’s need for excitement. One thing’s for certain: this friendship will NEVER be boring. 

Aquarius and Sagittarius Compatibility in Love

Couple holding hands at sunset (Aquarius and Sagittarius Compatibility)

Just because two signs get along well as friends, doesn’t mean they’ll hit it off romantically. But luckily for these two, the odds are in their favor once more – all those traits that set them up for success platonically also make for sizzling chemistry. The zest for life and intrinsic curiosity that comes with being both an Aquarius and Sagittarius means these two can bounce ideas off each other for hours, whether that be Aquarius’s high-minded political aspirations or Sag’s goal of retiring and moving to Fiji. 

Clinginess and boredom is anathema to both the water bearer and the archer – it’s one reason they get along so well. But at a certain point, every romantic relationship needs consistency and commitment to get to the next level, which is where this duo might run into trouble. When neither one wants to take that initial leap and confess their deeper feelings, the relationship will stagnate. 

The key for these two is to remember that intimacy takes vulnerability, and vulnerability takes courage. They might be able to get through their other relationships without taking the cold plunge into confessional mode, but for the passion to last, it eventually needs a platform of mutual trust, vulnerability, and commitment to stand on. 

Last Words 

Whether you’re a Sag trying to figure out the new Aquarius head of the PTA, or an Aquarius hoping to take your relationship with a Sagittarius mutual friend to the next level, the news is good – you’re likely to have a lot in common and a strong initial chemistry. Just don’t forget that although long-lasting relationships take work, they’re usually worth the effort. Godspeed.

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