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Aquarius Zodiac Sign Personality Traits and Characteristics

Dedicated to truth, innovation, and progress.


Born between January 20 and February 18? You’re an Aquarius zodiac sign, and you just might save the world. Aquarians are air signs with one foot in reality and the other firmly planted in the realm of what’s possible — what innovations might change the world, what social movements might bring about lasting change. Aquarians love volunteering with charities (and eventually running the show) and explaining the latest cultural happening, and they’re always the first to fill out their sample ballots come election season. Innovative, stubborn, and brilliant, there’s a lot to learn about the Aquarians in your life. 

What type of sign is Aquarius?

Along with Libra and Gemini, Aquarius is an air sign — a.k.a. the life of the party. If you’re an air sign, you’re known for being social butterflies who can get along with anyone, thanks to your propensity for wit and charm. In general, air signs are talkers (although Aquarians tend to prefer big-picture conversations rather than gossip or small talk). They think, plan, and execute, and they are often at the forefront of whatever big event is going on, whether a PTA meeting, an afternoon tea party, or that exciting new project at work. Air signs are often society’s leaders, but this comes at the cost of being perceived as cold or distant in pursuit of their goals. Although air signs tend to get carried away by big plans and lofty ideals, it’s important for their loved ones to remember that they do feel emotions, even if they don’t wear them on their sleeves the way some other signs do. (We’re looking at you, water signs). 

Aquarius is traditionally symbolized by the water bearer, depicted in the image of a person pouring water out of one or two jugs. In the ancient Middle East, Aquarius rose each year during a season of rain and floods, and it has been suggested that this image is correlated to that rainy season marked by the Aquarius constellation in the sky. In astrology, people interpret this symbol as representative of the gifts that Aquarians bring to the world: dedication to truth, innovation, and progress. Like some larger-than-life God pouring water onto the world, Aquarians are committed to improving communities and the world with a unique set of skills. 

What personality traits and characteristics are associated with Aquarius?

Aquarians are stubborn, idealistic, brilliant, and deeply humanitarian, to name just a few of their amazing virtues. Let’s dive into the hallmark traits of these innovative air signs.


If there is one trait that unites all Aquarians, it’s a passion for improving the communities and the world that they live in. Aquarians don’t want to just sit on the sidelines and watch problems unfold; they want to actively plan the solution, whether in their neighborhood, their local community, or the world at large. You’re likely to find Aquarians speaking passionately about ensuring there will be clean water for our children and grandchildren or leading the charge in a local volunteer group. Aquarians aren’t afraid to be lone wolves when it comes to making change — they do what they feel is right, even if they’re the only ones doing it. For this reason, Aquarius is often seen as the most progressive or forward-thinking sign. 

If you’re an Aquarius who feels that there’s something missing from your life, perhaps you need to get involved in a cause or an organization that you really care about. As an idealistic air sign, you need to feel that you’re contributing to your community in order to feel fully alive, and it’s never too late to find a new passion project. 


Just like air, Aquarians go where they want and do what they please, refusing to fit within one category or definition. They are true originals, and they may often express themselves in quirky and unique ways. They might be drawn to careers in cutting-edge technology or avant-garde fashion; they may have unique taste in music or style that doesn’t necessarily fit into the norm. Often, originality manifests in Aquarians’ personal sense of style, but sometimes it appears in their social style as well — an Aquarius might be perceived as a lone wolf, distant, or aloof towards others when not working towards a common cause. 

Aquarians are also rebellious, struggling to fit into the norms imposed by society and frequently clashing with authority figures. This can make Aquarians feel like misfits, but the truth is that they often become leaders and changemakers — one-of-a-kind contributors to our world. It’s also important to remember that although Aquarians are motivated by their passions and by implementing change, they’re still people with feelings and needs — it just may take a little more persistence and time to reach their sensitive inner selves. If you feel that an Aquarius in your life is being distant towards you, just be honest with them about how you feel; they’ll always be honest back.

If you’re an Aquarius and you find yourself occasionally struggling in your social life, remember first and foremost that it’s okay to be different: The qualities that set you apart from others are what make you special. Whether you have a hobby or passion that sets you apart, an original sense of style, or are often misunderstood by others, know that you’re experiencing a common Aquarius dilemma. Consider seeking out your fellow air signs, Gemini and Libra, for company. As other high-flying idealists, you’re sure to get along. After all, if everyone were the same, the world would be quite boring.


I’ve talked about this quite a bit already, but Aquarians are known for being idealists: they have a vision for themselves and for the world, and they’ll work towards that goal, no matter how impossible it may seem or what others may say about it. To these air signs, the sky’s the limit on their dreams. You’ll often find an Aquarius at the helm of an up-and-coming social movement or charity, rallying others towards a cause they’re passionate about. Aquarians also hold onto hopes and dreams long past the point at which others have given up. 

Let’s say, as an example, that your Aquarius friend wants to be on city council, but she just can’t get enough votes to win the election. She’ll keep running over and over, long past when less determined and idealistic signs would have given up. While this trait speaks to the resilience of Aquarians, it can also be an obstacle. Failure teaches us important lessons, and refusal to accept it and learn from our mistakes can prevent future growth. For an Aquarius, the key is to find the right balance between idealism and practicality. When is it worthwhile to persist despite the odds — and when should you accept the circumstances and try to adapt to them? 

Women of Few Words … Sometimes

In terms of Aquarius’ social life, this idealism can also get them into trouble. Aquarians love to talk about big-picture topics — their passion projects, social causes, and big ideas are always fodder for a lengthy conversation. But small talk or chit-chat? Not high on an Aquarius’ to-do list. Unfortunately, though, small talk is an essential part of forming new connections and maintaining social bonds within our networks; Aquarians’ natural disdain for chit-chat is one of the reasons they often come off as cold, distant, or like loners. 

Because of their relentless idealism, they may also have unrealistic expectations for their relationships. Think of your friend who struggles to maintain close connections because of how picky she is with her friendships. Sometimes it takes an open mind to form and maintain new relationships, which is a lesson a lot of Aquarians would do well to learn. You can beat to your own drum and still have a band behind you.

Aquarius Compatibility

The Water Bearer gets along great with Gemini and Libra, but what about other signs like Sagittarius, Taurus, or Capricorn?

This sun sign does, indeed, get along best with its fellow air signs, but Sagittarius isn’t far behind. Aries also matches this fixed sign well, as they always follow through on lofty plans … so long as Aquarius takes care of the logistics. Rounding out the fire signs, Leo also plays well with Aquarius, but Leo tends to prefer romanticism over pragmatism. 

Earth sign Virgo is another strong match for Aquarius. Both appreciate a well-laid plan, even if Virgo tends to think on a smaller scale.

Hardheaded Taurus, emotional Scorpio, and dreamy Pisces may have more trouble finding common ground. Still, there’s more to a strong relationship than your zodiac sign — make sure to look for connections between each planet in your chart, from Saturn to Uranus, to see if happily ever after is truly in the cards.

A One-of-a-Kind Sign

Among the twelve signs of the Zodiac, Aquarians truly sparkle. Relentless and idealistic leaders, these air signs fearlessly dedicate themselves to a cause, even if what they believe in makes them an outsider or misfit. Like other air signs, Aquarians are social butterflies — just don’t bog down these dreamers with too much gossip or small talk. Their favorite topic is their latest cause or passion project, and it’s likely they’ll try to recruit you to the cause as well. Aquarians are visionaries: They see the world and all of its problems, and they refuse to give up on making it even a tiny bit better. We could probably all learn a little from Aquarius.

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