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8 Easy Rituals That Help You Tap Into the Energy of Spring Equinox 2024

From journaling to waking up early, top astrologer reveals how to make the most of the spring day

The spring equinox 2024, or spring solstice, will take place on March 19 at 11:06 PM Eastern Standard Time, the earliest one since 1896. During this time, the sun’s direct rays cross the equator into the Northern Hemisphere, meaning both sides of the globe will get an equal amount of sunlight. While it is mainly meant to symbolize the start of spring, it can also affect your spirituality. That’s because the spring equinox carries potent energy, making it an opportune moment to engage in manifestation rituals, says Astrid Bly, a premier astrology expert with California Psychics.

“The arrival of the spring equinox brings a dynamic surge of fresh energy, requiring proactive engagement and focused intention to fully leverage its potential.” Bly recommends making the most of it by engaging in certain rituals. “Rituals offer a simple yet effective method of connecting with the transformative and growth-oriented essence of this seasonal transition,” she explains. Utilize this time to set intentions and align yourself for success, paving the way to achieve your goals. Here, Bly’s suggested practices that can help you best tap into the spiritual energy of the spring equinox and the days beyond:

1. Do some spring “cleaning”

The equinox symbolizes the arrival of fresh opportunities, making it an ideal time for clearing stagnant energies, offers Bly. “Identify areas in your life that feel stuck, whether they are physical, digital or conceptual. Choose a date close to the spring equinox and create time for the cleansing process.” Then fill your environment with good energy by incorporating music, fun lighting or even refreshing beverages. After that, clean the space in whatever way feels right to you. Once you’re done, take a moment to reflect on your intentions in the newly cleared space, and embrace the potential for new experiences.

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2. Journal during the spring equinox 2024

Spend your spring equinox practicing writing exercises to enact the changes you desire in your life. Start by identifying your intentions and committing to regular writing sessions, choosing a comfortable duration and format that suits you, says Bly. “To maintain consistency with this exercise, it’s best to choose a writing environment that helps you feel secure, safe and focused.” Celebrate your progress and intentions with a reflective reading of what you’ve written, focusing on the changes you’d most like to manifest.

3. Get an early start

spring equinox 2024: Active happy mature female wake up from good healthy sleep stretching sitting in bed at home, smiling positive senior woman awaken in comfortable bedroom feel optimistic welcome new day

“As spring begins, consider dedicating a morning to waking up with the first light and embracing daybreak,” says Bly. Kicking off your day with a friendly salutation to the rising sun, followed by a leisurely stroll where you take in the sights and sounds of the awakening season, offers a delightful opportunity to honor the transition from shorter days to the sunnier, longer and more vibrant ones ahead.

4. Work on your green thumb during the spring equinox 2024

Consider planting some of your favorite flowers or vegetables now if you missed the opportunity in the fall. According to Bly, “planting early in the spring ensures you’ll enjoy their blooms later in the season and all through the summer months, coinciding beautifully with the rejuvenating energy of the spring equinox.”

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5. Cleanse your space spiritually

spring equinox 2024: Woman spraying aromatic air freshener indoors closeup
Liudmila Chernetska/Getty

“The spring equinox is a wonderful opportunity to remove old energy from your space and invite new, positive energy in,” explains Bly. To perform this ritual, pick a cleansing tool of your choice. This can be a bundle of herbs if you’re comfortable and familiar with smoke cleansing, but a spray bottle containing salt water (as well as some optional herbs, such as rosemary) is Bly’s recommendation. Open a few windows around your home, then spritz this mixture in each room. Visualize all the negativity leaving your space, and uplifting energy entering in its place. 

6. Tap into your olfactory sense during the spring equinox 2024

Another way to access the transformative energy of the spring equinox is to infuse your surroundings with a delicate fragrance. You can use scented candles or incense, or you can combine this ritual with the above spiritual cleansing and make an aromatherapy spray by combining a few drops of essential oil with water, says Bly. “While any essential oil can be used for this ritual, lavender, known for its healing properties, is particularly effective at revitalizing stagnant energy. (If you have pets, please note that you should research your chosen essential oils before you use them, as many of the plants used in essential oils can be bad for animals.)

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7. Polish the floors

spring equinox 2024: Woman spraying aromatic air freshener indoors closeup Cropped image of beautiful young woman in protective gloves using a flat wet-mop while cleaning floor in the house

Turn the ordinary into the extraordinary by making mopping the floor a whimsical ritual. While preparing your floor wash in the usual way, infuse it with spiritual intent through the motion of your cleaning. “Swirl your mop in counterclockwise circles to whisk away negativity or twist it clockwise to summon positivity,” Bly advises. With these techniques, floor washing and sweeping take on a new meaning, cleansing both the physical and spiritual realms of your space.

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8. Use music, sound and vibrations during the spring equinox 2024

Those with a musical background or lovers of the arts may find joy in cleansing with sound. Commence by creating rhythmic noise while leisurely traversing through your home or workplace, encircling each room’s perimeter. Utilizing songs, tuning forks, singing bowls, bells, wind chimes, instruments, chants or even claps of your hands can generate transformative sound waves within a space. “These vibrations have the power to dispel negative energies and foster serenity in your surroundings,” says Bly. Once you feel comfortable in the ritual, gradually escalate the rhythm, allowing the vibrations to fully uplift you. 

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