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Taurus and Taurus Compatibility: Are They a Good Match in Love and Friendship?

They share a love of floral-scented candles, bubble baths, and good playlists.


Whether looking for inspiration to get you through a difficult day or insight into the next big decision in your life, it’s smart to take a closer look at your horoscope. Throughout history, people have used the wisdom of the stars to make life-changing choices, find their inner voices, and forge meaningful connections. So why shouldn’t we get in on the action? One of the best ways to find friendships and romantic relationships that last is to look at how compatible your zodiac sign is with other signs — and your own. In fact, some of the best relationships we forge can be found with signs that are the same as ours. Here, we’ll explore everything there is to know about Taurus and Taurus compatibility.

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Taurus at a Glance (April 20 to May 20)

There’s much to be said about compatibility readings between the same or different signs. But before those readings can be explored, it’s important to look more closely at the expectations and personality traits of your sign as it stands on its own. Here’s what you can expect from a Taurus sun sign, including its element and modality.  (Click through for more on Taurus Zodiac Sign Personality Traits & Characteristics and Taurus Women: Personality Traits and Characteristics.)

Traits and Characteristics

There’s no doubt that Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus. As might be expected, Venus is most closely associated with love and beauty, just like the goddess. It’s also associated with money, but not quite in the way that you might think. Instead, Taurus is a sensual sign. They enjoy the highest-quality environments and things that life offers and are most at home in a sanctuary of their own making. Taurus signs are most known for their proximity to comfort and luxury at all times and for their ability to create a truly lovely environment wherever they go (which typically isn’t too far from home). Taurus signs are most content when they’re being pampered, which means they can be easy to please and fun to hang out with.

All that is why the symbol of the bull represents Taurus. But this Taurus symbol isn’t about anger — at least, not entirely. Rather, it’s about the bull’s comfort in the field, with soft grass, fresh scents, and blue sky overhead. Just like the bull, Taurus is most at ease when surrounded by luxury, and it doesn’t even have to cost a lot. Just be aware that bulls can be stubborn at times, and so can your favorite Taurus.

Of course, Taurus signs aren’t all about relaxation. They’re more than willing to put in the work to create the perfect life for themselves. After all, they really understand what goes into making money, thanks to their ruling planet of Venus. This sign may love luxury and comfort, but they’re also ambitious and dedicated to building their future. The more stable and secure a Taurus is, the happier and more comfortable they’ll be. 


Taurus, along with Virgo and Capricorn, is an earth sign. That means those born under this sign have both feet planted firmly on the ground — including the luxury-loving Taurus. If you’re on the search for someone to ground you and always have your back, you can’t do better than an earth sign in friendship or in love.

Earth signs do love a challenge. They’re the first to help out when the going gets tough — and the first to let you know when you need to make a change. They balance well with signs who are more prone to flights of fancy and are always going to be there to pick up your calls. It’s also worth noting that it takes a lot to irritate these signs since they tend to be comfortable in themselves, but you do want to keep your distance if they get frustrated.

However, just because these signs are reliable doesn’t mean they’re dull. They enjoy a good treat at the end of a hard day’s work and are never above a good reward or indulgence if they feel like they’ve earned it. Earth signs are deeply tuned into the natural world, meaning they feel, smell, and taste a little more richly than the other signs. If you’re in need of a good recommendation for a candle, a restaurant, or a new bed, a Taurus or another earth sign is sure to steer you in the right direction. Earth signs are with you to the end, which is just another reason to love a Taurus. 


Another important factor you’ll want to consider regarding your sign is its modality. There are three different modalities (cardinal, fixed, and mutable) that align with where the sign falls in the season. Cardinal signs (like Aries) are found at the beginning of the season, mutable at the end (like Pisces), and fixed (like Leo) right in the middle. As might be expected, the comfort-seeking Taurus has a fixed modality. This fixed sign tends to be most comfortable when they’re in a secure and stable dynamic, and when their environment doesn’t have a lot of change — they enjoy their comfort zone. 

Taurus is associated with stubbornness for a reason, and the modality might have something to do with it. This modality doesn’t like disruption to their routine or environment. That said, fixed modalities really are quite something when they’re in their element. They’re self-contained, independent, and confident, and they can get a hell of a lot done when they set their minds to the task. Just think of the signs that fall under the fixed modality as being fixated on their ambitions and what the journey ahead might hold. 

Taurus and Taurus in Friendship

Taurus-Taurus friendships are known for their stability and sustainability, and there’s no one better for the job than another Taurus. In fact, this friendship is one for the books — the history books. When Taurus friends get together, they stay together, not just because of a shared love of floral-scented candles, bubble baths, and good playlists. Two individuals with this sign can bring out the best in each other’s goals and aspirations. They can share knowledge and wisdom that will inspire each other on their journey to meet their common goals, and they can definitely relax together in style. One Taurus’ comfort space is, well, another Taurus’ comfort space.

Another reason Taurus and Taurus friendship compatibility can be so high is that they’re both in with both feet. Taurus and all earth signs are reliable and stable friends that will always show up for you. Taurus has the added support from the fixed modality placement to really hammer that reliability and security home. After all, a Taurus is most comfortable when they’re building something they can depend on — a comfortable and soft something, but dependable, nonetheless. With the encouragement of another Taurus friend, they can accomplish their dreams even more easily than expected.

Possible Roadblocks 

The one thing this friendship dynamic does need to watch for is stubbornness. A Taurus may call it determination — but when they decide to dig their heels in, you might have an impossible time getting them out. Times that by two, and you will probably have a standoff on your hands. However, with a little openness and willingness to compromise, these two friends won’t have a problem.  

Taurus and Taurus in Love 

All of the benefits found in a Taurus and Taurus friendship will be there in a Taurus-Taurus love match, whether it’s between a Taurus man and a Taurus woman or any other combination. This team has significant compatibility in all things, including romance and sexual desire; and it’s easy to see why. To start, Taurus couples share a lot of the same interests. They’re enjoying a spa night together on the weekend and creating the perfect cozy atmosphere at home during the week. They both appreciate finery and luxury, but neither is likely to go on a spending spree, leaving the other in the dust. A shared love for comfort and future stability will serve a Taurus couple well in the short and long-term, although they should be careful not to find themselves in a rut.

Possible Roadblocks

In addition to the stubbornness and tendency towards grudges that can be found in Taurean friendships, there is one vice that Taurus-Taurus romances should watch out for: jealousy. Taurus zodiac signs require stability to be happy, which means they can be a little shaken up if they see or suspect that stability is threatened. As long as you and your Taurus partner set out boundaries and expectations for your relationship and communicate clearly throughout, there won’t be anything to worry about. 

And remember: if your instinct is to dig in your heels and put up walls when the going gets tough, try talking it out instead. You might just be surprised at how easy it is to connect to your fellow Taurus partner ­— in fact, no one knows you better.   

Taurus-Taurus: In Conclusion

Astrology and horoscopes can tell us many things about the larger world and our inner worlds, which are best represented by our hearts, souls, and minds. Sun signs can be used to navigate difficult days and new paths and to find the best ways to communicate our needs with loved ones and friends. Learning more about the zodiac can help you understand others, find even footing and common ground, and support the people you care for on their journey through life.

The compatibility between Taurus and Taurus is strong. Together, this Taurean duo can craft a lasting friendship or romantic relationship, thanks to their shared love of sensory delights and how passionately they’ll dedicate themselves to building a future they can enjoy for a long time. They get along easily right out of the gate — just a little bull joke there — and will support each other no matter what life throws at them.

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