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Book Jokes That Will Make You Laugh So Hard The Librarian Will Give You a Dirty Look

If you're a book lover, you're sure to get a kick out of these laugh-out-loud (but not too loud!) jokes!

There’s nothing like the feeling of getting lost in a good book, when hours fly by in what feels like mere seconds. And whether you’re a fan of romance, thrillers, historical fiction, nonfiction, science fiction, fantasy or humor, you can appreciate book jokes and memes. These clever, funny, often punny, but always relatable jokes poke fun at our love of books. If you’ve got a towering TBR (to-be-read) pile of books; have ever ignored family, friends, work and life in general in order to finish one more chapter or have experienced the rush of a new book waiting for you at the library, these jokes are for you!

Read on for our collection of the best book jokes. And, hey, if you need a book recommendation, click through for the week’s best new books!

Book jokes: Three books lay in the book hospital with different problems
Sanko Gibson

Reading is fun-ny!

  • I’m reading a book about anti-gravity. I just can’t put it down.
  • It’s so easy to get lost in a book about mazes. 
  • I like big books and I cannot lie.
  • You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy books, and that’s practically the same thing.
  • That book about Mt. Everest had quite a cliffhanger.
  • Q: Why are books so afraid of their sequels?
  • A: Because they always come after them.
  • A book fell on my head. I can only blame my shelf.
  • I found a foolproof way to avoid sunburns. It’s called ‘stay inside all day and read.’
  • Q: Why do bookworms break up?
  • A: Because they’re not on the same page.
  • I’ve spent all day reading – it was bound to happen.
  • Q: Why are books so brave?
  • A: They have the spine for it.
  • My TBR pile is out of control: I have no shelf control.
Book jokes: A history book and a joke book stand and talk

Classic humor

  • After watching me read War and Peace, my son asked me, “Dad, why is your book so thick?” I said, “Well, it’s a long story.”
  • Dystopian novels are so 1984.
  • Never read Fitzgerald? You Gatsby kidding me!
  • I got my friend to read Jane Austen. She just needed a little Persuasion
  • Have you heard about Waldo? He went abroad and found himself.
  • Q: What do you call 2,000 mockingbirds?
  • A: Two kilo mockingbird.
  • Q: Why did the kid always sit in his wardrobe when reading a book?
  • A: Narnia business!
  • Q: What is Bigfoot’s favorite book?
  • A: Hairy Potter.
Book jokes: A kid talks about big a book is and how the abcs are weird
James Estes

Library humor

  • Q: What did the librarian say to someone who checked out over 100 books?
  • A: “Are you sure you want to borrow all those books? You don’t want to overdue it.”
  • Q: Why did Dracula go to the library?
  • A: He wanted to sink his teeth into a good book.
  • Q: Why can’t you go to the world’s biggest library?
  • A: It’s always overbooked.
  • Q: How do libraries make sure novels stay warm?
  • A: They give them book jackets.
  • Q: Why was the library so tall?
  • A: Because it had a lot of stories.
  • ISBN thinking about you.
Book jokes: A women talks with her friends about her organization books

Writing is wild!

  • Past, present and future walked into a bar. It was tense.
  • Q: Why are writers always cold?
  • A: Because they’re surrounded by drafts.
  • Did you hear about the author in jail? They put him in the writer’s block. Couldn’t get past his first sentence.
  • Q: What is the spookiest kind of author?
  • A: A ghostwriter.
  • Witches are the best editors because they always run spell-check.
  • I’ve written a book about falling down a staircase. It’s a step-by-step guide.
  • Talk wordy to me.
  • Q: What’s the longest word in the dictionary?
  • A: Smiles, because there’s a mile between each s.
Book jokes: A women asks about a diet books and how big they are

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