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The 2024 Full Moon in Virgo Horoscope: What’s in Store for You Come February 24

This full moon phase could be just what you need!

While one particular day of February may be dedicated to love, the mid-winter month was made for prioritizing more connection with loved ones and getting in touch with your heart’s desires — in part because from February 18 to March 19, the sun is in romantic Pisces. At the same time, though it may not feel like it, the promise of spring may inspire you to clear out clutter — literal or figurative — that’s no longer serving you and to streamline your routine so that you’re homing in on the commitments and activities that resonate the most with your spirit. And those are all themes to hold in mind in the days surrounding February’s lucky, emotional, well-being-enhancing full moon in Virgo.  

On Saturday, February 24 at 7:31 a.m. ET/4:31 a.m. PT, this cerebral full moon falls in Virgo, the mutable earth sign whose ruler is Mercury, the messenger planet that oversees how we communicate, think, make decisions, and gather and share information. The 2024 Virgo full moon is a culmination point of work and self-reflection that’s been in play for the last couple of weeks (since the last new moon on February 9) as well as the past six months (since the new moon in Virgo that occurred on September 14, 2023). It’s a chance to hit the finish line on projects related to your daily routine, health and self-improvement as well as a period in which you could become even more acutely aware of the relationship between your head and your heart. And with the moon forming a harmonizing angle to Jupiter, the planet of fortune, which is currently in fellow earth sign Taurus, optimism and creativity could soar. Here, everything you need to know about what this lunar event has to offer in order to make the most of it. 

What is a full moon?

Full moons occur once — less frequently, twice — per month when the moon and the sun sit directly opposite one another in the sky and in the zodiac. Because they’re sitting across from one another, the sun’s vibrant light is able to reflect off of the moon, leading to a gasp-worthy, luminous sight to behold in the night sky. During a full moon, the moon almost becomes like a nighttime version of the sun, illuminating the sky even brighter than any other time in the lunar cycle. For that reason, astrologically speaking, it is a time during which it feels like a spotlight has been cast on our deepest, most intense emotions. And as the sun opposite moon dynamic also mirrors an amplified focus on partnerships, full moons are made for reflecting — and taking action — on relationship matters. 

You can work with this energy for four days before and after the event occurs. In astrology, the moon rules our emotions, intuition and nurturing style. And when it’s full, all of those aspects of our inner life are heightened. You could feel particularly sensitive, empathic, fired up or even rundown if an emotional situation has become thoroughly draining. Full moons also present the chance to see how far you’ve come since planting seeds during the new moon that occurred either two weeks or six months prior.

What is the full moon in Virgo?

February’s full moon in Virgo asks you to get clear on how your thoughts and daily actions are aligning with your heart and spirituality. Virgo, the sign of the Maiden, is innately committed to the practical, everyday details of life and rational thinking. Its opposite sign — and the sign that the sun is currently moving through — is Pisces, the water sign known for being deeply emotional and empathic. And this juxtaposition is highlighted now. During the days around this full moon, you’ll have a chance to reconcile those two often divergent areas of your life. 

It also bears noting that despite Virgo’s reputation for being pragmatic and cerebral, the earth sign is one of the most intuitive of the zodiac. Passionate about self-improvement, the Maiden is particularly capable of tuning into their inner voice, which means this lunar event can enhance this ability for you as well. It may also be an especially social and busy moment, given that Virgo is ruled by buzzy Mercury, the communication planet, and associated with the sixth house of daily routine and health.

The 2024 full moon in Virgo can amplify your joy and fortune

The full moon occurs at 5 degrees of Virgo, while Jupiter, the planet of abundance, sits at 10 degrees of fellow earth sign Taurus, meaning that the two meet in an exciting, positivity-bolstering trine. The moon is the celestial body that oversees our intuition and how we process our emotions, while Jupiter’s job is to expand and magnify whatever it is connected to. And because the connection is a harmonious one, this full moon could set the stage for amplified happiness, heartfelt emotions and luck. What’s more, both the moon and Jupiter are in earth signs, so it’s possible to adopt a grounded, step-by-step approach to processing and expressing your feelings. And with this being a full moon ruled by Mercury (because Virgo is ruled by the communication planet) and Jupiter being the planet of knowledge and higher learning, expect the desire to talk about your feelings and to feel especially connected to loved ones and friends to skyrocket!  

The 2024 full moon is an opportunity to find clarity

In addition to harmonizing with Jupiter, the moon also opposes messenger Mercury and taskmaster Saturn, both sitting alongside the sun in the mutable water sign Pisces. In turn, the moon’s face-off with Mercury may cause a bit of haziness, challenging you to figure out exactly how you feel — or to pinpoint the best way to express how you feel to others. And Saturn’s influence could make you more conscious of boundaries within your relationships. While both of these planetary connections might initially sound challenging, they also present a chance to check in with yourself and care for yourself in a meticulous, thoughtful way. 

Here, how the Virgo full moon will affect you based on your sign. (Be sure to read both your sun and your rising sign if you know it. If you don’t, you can find it in your birth chart or by using this CafeAstrology calculator.)


Full Moon in Virgo: Aries
sarayut Thaneerat/Getty

The full moon fires up your wellness and daily routine sector, stirring you to meditate on ways you can bring an even greater sense of balance and vitality into your day-to-day hustle. You could be realizing that the current way you’ve been tackling your everyday to-dos doesn’t quite align with what’s in your heart. With the moon opposing not only the sun but messenger Mercury and serious Saturn in your spirituality zone, tapping into your intuitive side will be a must to move through whatever emotions are coming up for you now. 

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Full moon in Virgo: Taurus

Full Moon in Virgo: Taurus
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With the full moon falling in your self-expression and romance zone, this can be a supremely exuberant moment in which you’re inspired to hit pause on your regular routine in order to be more spontaneous and fun-loving with friends or family members. Sharing what’s in your heart is also a must, and you’ll feel particularly empowered to do so as a result of the moon forming a harmonizing angle to lucky Jupiter in your sign. You’ll feel heard, seen, and supported. 

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Full Moon in Virgo: Gemini
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This full moon activates your home zone, which means you could become extra tuned into deep-rooted emotional issues that are worth acknowledging, processing and moving through now in order to heal. You have the benefit of this moon being overseen by messenger Mercury, the planet that also rules your sign, so you’ll do well to lean on communication — whether that’s a heart-to-heart with a loved one or journaling — to work through your feelings now. And thanks to the moon’s connection with lucky Jupiter in your spirituality zone, you could enjoy a surge of optimism that your dreams could become a reality. 

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Full moon in Virgo: Cancer

Full Moon in Virgo: Cancer
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With the full moon in your communication sector, you could be a bit overwhelmed by the hectic pace of life at the moment. This can be a time of a lot of hustling and bustling from one social commitment, errand or short-distance trip to the next, so you’ll do well to get clear on your priorities, check them off your list, then carve out quality time to rest and recharge. With the moon harmonizing with lucky Jupiter in your long-term wishes zone, you could be feeling particularly upbeat and confident that you’re building momentum toward a big picture aspiration.

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Full Moon in Virgo: Leo
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The full moon lights up your money zone, making this a moment in which you could become especially conscious of how you’re bringing your skills to the table to further your income-making goals — and whether that approach is truly aligned with not only your goals but your heart. And if you’ve been vying to step into the spotlight, you could find that this lunar event sets the stage for well-deserved recognition for your leadership abilities, thanks to the moon’s connection to abundance-bringing Jupiter in your career zone.

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Full moon in Virgo: Virgo

Full Moon in Virgo: Virgo:
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This is your annual full moon, which means your emotions may be particularly heightened as will your desire to feel heard and understood. Given the moon’s opposition to your ruler, messenger Mercury, you might not feel 100% certain of how to express what’s on your mind and in your heart, so taking a step back to rest, reflect and prioritize self-care may be your best bet now. You can also take heart that the moon is harmonizing with lucky Jupiter in your adventure sector, so opportunities to spread your wings and expand your horizons could soon be within reach.

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Full Moon in Virgo: Libra
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With the full moon in your spirituality zone, your dreams could be more vivid than usual. You may feel like taking a step back from your usual daily commitments to make time for solo activities like meditating, deep breathing or taking restorative walks, any of which could help you get even more clear on what you are ready to let go of in order to move more confidently into your future. And the moon’s happy trine to Jupiter in your emotional bonds zone means that, when you’re ready, you can easily share your most heartfelt desires with a loved one.

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Full moon in Virgo: Scorpio

Full Moon in Virgo: Scorpio
sarayut Thaneerat/Getty

This full moon falls in your networking and groups zone, and in turn, you’ll want to feel more connected to others. You might initiate a get-together with friends or propose working on a group project alongside colleagues. Or it’s possible that a team effort could be reaching a culmination point. Feeling like you’re truly collaborating to hit the finish line benefits your spirit. And with the moon harmonizing with lucky Jupiter in your partnership zone, one-on-one time with a loved one or close friend can also boost your emotional well-being.

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Full Moon in Virgo: Sagittarius
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This full moon hits your career and public image zone, which means you may very well be tasked with stepping into the spotlight or taking on greater responsibilities in a leadership position. But first, because the moon opposes Mercury and Saturn in your home zone, caring for your inner life and making sure you feel centered emotionally is key to making your mark. With the moon forming a harmonizing angle to lucky Jupiter in your daily routine zone, even the slightest tweak to your day-to-day schedule could have you feeling more supported and up for any challenge. 

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Full moon in Virgo: Capricorn

Full Moon in Virgo: Capricorn
sarayut Thaneerat/Getty

The full moon falls in your adventure zone, stirring up a need to get out of your usual routine and broaden your horizons. You may even want to put your usual realistic, grounded approach on the backburner in order to more fully tune into what your gut is telling you and what your heart is craving. In turn, you might find you’re prepared to take a thrilling leap of faith. With the moon connecting to fortunate Jupiter in your self-expression and romance zone, you can more readily open up to loved ones and own your voice and creativity now, too. 

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Full Moon in Virgo: Aquarius:
sarayut Thaneerat/Getty

With the full moon activating your emotional bonds sector, you could be compelled to wear your heart on your sleeve and share deep-rooted feelings with a loved one. The process of allowing yourself to be more vulnerable will also make you more aware of what you need to feel secure and comfortable within your closest bonds. You can take advantage of this moment by going to bat for whatever that is. And with the moon’s harmonious trine to lucky Jupiter in your home zone, look forward to even more quality time with loved ones. 

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Full moon in Virgo: Pisces

Full Moon in Virgo: Pisces
sarayut Thaneerat/Getty

This full moon falls in your partnership zone, highlighting your one-on-one relationships — whether platonic, romantic or professional. You could become even more aware of the give and take of these connections. Noting a lack of reciprocity — or simply feeling seen by someone you’ve leaned on — could be a tipping point. But thanks to a harmonizing trine to fortunate Jupiter in your communication zone, observations could also lead to fruitful conversations or brainstorms that allow you to get on the same page as someone special. 

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